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 The Town (Apocolypse)

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PostSubject: The Town (Apocolypse)   Tue Dec 02, 2014 8:03 pm

This is one of the default roleplay topics. You know the drill, you're the last remaining survivors of earth after a catastrophic event. You're now trying to make a living off of the remains of civilization, but the monsters and zombies have other plans. You are mortal, meaning you have no powers in this one. Whether or not you're immune to the zombies is up to you, heck, you can even be one if you want to.

*Note: Default rp topics will reset once they have become too long.
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PostSubject:    Mon Jan 26, 2015 4:00 pm

I shall never be a zombie, if this is the case I shall head to the nearest military base. Once there I'll make my way to the armoury. Where they house all sorts of goodies, from m16, to 50 cal machine guns, to 22 cal glock, and loads of ammo for such weapons. Next I will find the vehicle bay and find something that has good milage, and is durable. After clearing the base of unwanted guests, I'll take whatever vehicle i choose lode it up with supplies. Like fuel, water, amo, weapons, medical supplies, and food. After that I am set to fight the world.
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The Town (Apocolypse)
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