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 (Apocolypse) Last Stand RP

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PostSubject: (Apocolypse) Last Stand RP   Thu Dec 04, 2014 5:07 pm

FTW: *walks through wheatfield looking for shelter*
FTW: getting kinda tired...zz..NO I have to stay awake..zZZz.
FTW:*collapses into field from tiredness*

8 Hours Later

The moon shines bright into the deep night sky.

FTW: ugh..
FTW: HUH! *wakes up in alarmed*
FTW: Oh*t, sh*t, SH*T

A horde of zombies hear him.

FTW: *runs in terror with bag full of supplies*
FTW: *looks in distance* a shelter, just what I need.
FTW: I think I see someone in the towers. *yells* HEY! HELP!

The mysterious man/woman starts to shoot zombies with an M14

FTW: *runs into shelter and shuts gates*
FTW: *breathes heavily* Thanks...especially for not shooting me.

(First person to reply becomes mysterious man/woman.)

Reply by adding onto the story.

Please do initials of your name or part of your name to talk that way you can add dialog.

No 18+ material or disturbing content please!
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PostSubject: Re: (Apocolypse) Last Stand RP   Thu Dec 04, 2014 10:54 pm

???: *points colt1911 at the back of your head* Who's to say I won't?
FTW: So, you're a bandit huh? I should have known... *reaches for sidearm*
???: *cocks gun* I wouldn't try that if I were you... *you put your hands in the air*
FTW: Fine, what do you want?
???: *looks at your gear* You're pretty well armed. What are you? Another bandit?
FTW: I'm never going to be like one of your kind ever again.
???: So you're a bandit trying to play hero huh? You and I both know the blood will never wash away from your hands.
???: You're really f*cking naiive kid. Kinda reminds me of a friend I used to survive with before we split up.
FTW: Oh really? How?
???:... Turn around... *you turn around*...*puts down gun* Win?
FTW: Kirby?
Kirby: HOLY SH*T! Win, it actually is you!
FTW: KIRBY!? How are you alive? I saw you surrounded by a bunch of zombies! I thought you were dead!

A bit of catching up later

FTW: So you used a cellphone to save your life?
Kirby: And some *ahem* live bait... Don't worry, they tried to kill me anyways.
FTW: Wow dude... You're f*cking lucky to even be alive right now...
Kirby: You don't say? What about you? Falling asleep in the middle of a field like that?
FTW: I was tired, ok?
Kirby: And a free meal for the zombies if I didn't step in.
FTW: Shut up...
Kirby: You're probably still tired, I'm guessing. It's still the middle of the night, you should get some rest.
FTW: Don't need to tell me twice... What about you?
Kirby: I might stick with you for a bit, ya know, for old times sake.
FTW: Ok. Night.
Kirby: Night...

The next morning, Kirby's awake already

FTW: Still having those nightmares, huh?
Kirby:...Every time...
FTW: Reliving that day again?
Kirby: It should've been me...
FTW: There was nothing you could do...
Kirby:*voice breaking* Then why did they have to shoot her? Why couldn't it have been me?
FTW: Kirby, calm down. You already had your revenge...
Kirby: I know, nothing can bring her back...
FTW: Hey, at least you know she's safe now. Nothing can hurt her anymore, and you'll see her when you've made sure hell is full when you leave.*Kirby smiles*
Kirby: We should probably get moving. The last two who were here weren't very friendly, and I'm sure the next group on their way won't be either.
FTW: Alright. *takes out map* The next town is this way. Theres a military base there. I'm pretty sure we could use some more ammo.
Kirby: Alright, I have your back.
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PostSubject: Re: (Apocolypse) Last Stand RP   Fri Dec 05, 2014 9:27 am

On the way to the military base a few zombies are crossing by.

FTW: Hold up, stop real quick.
Kirby: Good thinking.
FTW: I have a silencer, *gives silencer to Kirby*.
Kirby: Thanks, *aims gun through bush*.
Kirby: Annnnnddd *silenced gun shot x3*
FTW: That should do it, lets get a move on.
Kirby: *still looking through sights*.
Kirby: Lets not move yet...I think I see some people in the tower.
Kirby: *hands gun to FTW to see*
FTW: Do you think they are bandits?
Kirby: I dont think so...looks like they are just getting some supplies, lets not have them take all of it.
FTW: Yeah, we also could use some water and packaged food from there.

The two of them sneak behind a few buildings into one of the garages.

Kirby: *takes some extra ammo and guns*
Kirby: Just in case. *reloads*
FTW: *grabs some ammos too*
FTW: Alright how many were there?
Kirby: About 2 of them.
FTW: Alright here is the plan.
FTW: Were gonna head into the ATC Tower.
FTW: Then we will go up the stairs until the 2nd floor.
FTW: We wait till they turn around, and then tell them to drop their weapons and that we are not bandits we are just here for some guns and supplies.
Kirby: What if they try to shoot?
FTW: We shoot them first.
Kirby: We are faster at aiming most likely, we are experienced.
Kirby: *waits for opening* Okay all clear.

They head into the ATC Tower.

FTW: Alright you know the plan?
Kirby: Memorized....

They head into the 2nd floor.

FTW: Alright now.

They aim at the two people.

FTW,Kirby: Put your weapons down, were not bandits we just want some food and guns.

???,???: Oh..o-Okay. Just dont shoot.
Kirby: What are your names.
???: Im Joel.
???: And im Keyan.
Joel: What are your names?
Kirby: Kirby, and this is-
FTW: Im ForTheWin or FTW for short.
Keyan: That sounds pretty fake.
FTW: We want our identities safe.

Both FTW and Kirby get what they need.

Kirby: Alright you two stay out of trouble.
Joel: Alright see ya.
Keyan: You too.
Joel: Wait! Here take this.
FTW: What is this.
Kirby: *examines*
Kirby: This is a hand grenade.
FTW: How do we use it.
Keyan: Just throw it and it will let off a sound attracting the zombies...then it blows up after 3 seconds.
FTW: Thanks...well we need to be heading out now.

They all say bye and then leave.


Also you can not include yourself in automatically, or mention anyone automatically.

You can only be introduced by the people in the story already.


Person in the story must have an unknown character titled ??? and it has to be unknown until the next part.

You have to reply first and mention yourself as that character and add on.

If you are to late your add on will be deleted sorry :C
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PostSubject: Re: (Apocolypse) Last Stand RP   Sat Jan 31, 2015 8:56 pm

There is an rp split to classic after this.

Last Stand RP (Classic)

Use the link to see what we did to make things get out of hand.
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PostSubject: Re: (Apocolypse) Last Stand RP   

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(Apocolypse) Last Stand RP
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