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 Epic Battle Fantasy Series

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PostSubject: Epic Battle Fantasy Series   Tue Jan 06, 2015 12:52 am

I know many of people have played it probably, but come on, I'm surprised no one has posted it on here yet. If you haven't played a game from this series yet, why haven't you? Shocked If you like fun turn-based RPG flash games with a lot of humor and storytelling to it, these games are for you. Although the first two games are more like a battle arena with a turn-based RPG aspects, no exploration and hardly any story telling if any, I feel like you should play them still to get used to how the games feel, but you can also start off with Epic Battle Fantasy 3 (As I did) and you should understand the story pretty well w/o playing the first two, however it makes things easier to start off with them first.  Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4 focuses on the overworld a lot more than the first 2 instalments. But be warned, these games can take up to many hours to complete and the boss battles can get extremely annoying/difficult. Mad So gl and hf with these games Very Happy

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Epic Battle Fantasy Series
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