Okay, so you may have many questions on why I am not really going to post on the apoc roleplay for a while or never. The roleplay was made intentionally to be as if we were in the game DayZ but put into a bit of more story line and "some" fiction. It was great for a while, but then everything has gone really out of hand. If you read the newer post you barely even see zombies. Sure Kirby does input them but he does it in a way that makes it unrealistic. I do try to keep up with the story but it is just too hard now. Now it has turned into a robot/matrix type roleplay. I say robots as the most recent post, not by me. Only mentioned the word zombie twice I believe. Now I may seem like I am coming off as an asshole right now, but I just think that maybe there should be a new roleplay and have apoc deleted. If you read the whole thing you will see the dramatic changes it has had just from the ongoing, being a badass moments, too having a robot pull some random weapon out of his arm. I was trying to work on Gunship but I couldnt at the time as I had tennis practice everyday and was too tired to post after. I really do want apoc deleted and I think that Kirby and Vector should start a new roleplay in the Classic genre. If you read the statements Kirby put for the "rules" on the Apocalypse thread, "you are a mortal" Now Vector has clearly drawn away from that as every new post he makes, there is either a new robot or just so much OPness that it isnt even a gloomy zombie survivor roleplay.

These are just some of my thoughts as I just had to get this off of my chest. I said Farewell and that I would come back in February to add a very short ending to my character in the roleplay.

Note: Kirby if you see this I ask of you to delete the roleplay and start up your own.