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 Last Stand RP (Classic Split)

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PostSubject: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyMon Dec 08, 2014 10:08 pm

The sound of the car radio is faint, but audible.

Radio: and this is a new report coming to you live from one of the remaining city strongholds Sierra. A recent group of bandits known as the Sting has infiltrated local hospitals demanding medicine and leaving blood. Their movement is swift but irregular. Survivors are instructed not to come into contact wi-
???: Yeah, yeah, tell it to someone who cares *changes the station*

Drives down a road faster heading toward a town.

???: I hope that human knew what he was talking about, this car can't run forever. Wait a sec... who are these two?

Pulling up to Kirby and FTW

???: Hey, you two need a lift?
FTW: No we're good.
???: You guys sure? If you're headed to the town I can certainly help.
Kirby: You're headed to the town up ahead too?
???: Yeah. I'm on my way to the town to refuel.
FTW: Could you excuse us for a second? *takes Kirby off to the side* I don't know if we could trust him.
Kirby: We've been traveling for days already, if you don't trust him, then we could just wait till he gets to the city and just leave him after that.
FTW: That actually sounds like a good plan. *walks back to car* Alright, you can take us to the town.

A few miles later

???: So where did you guys come from?
FTW: We've been around.
???: You didn't happen to run into bandits have you?
FTW: No, just zombies.
???: Did you hear on the radio about those guys?
Kirby: No what happened?
???: I heard they took a hospital by storm. Humans are so complex now a days.
FTW: Are you hearing this guy?
Kirby: What do you mean, complex?
???: Well, just a moment ago they were fine helping each other out, now they are at each others throats. If I didn't know better I'd say you were still monkeys.
FTW: Who the hell are you?
???: Vector for short, I've been traveling on a mission from my creators to find a cure for this apocalypse.
FTW: *putting a pistol to Vector's head* stop the car... Now
Vector: That is not a smart idea, friend.
FTW: So is the concept of calling us monkeys, you trash.
Vector: Then go ahead, pull the trigger.
FTW: Shut up! *fires a shot into Vector* What the...
Vector:*turns to FTW* Surprised? I was doing you a favor by letting you two in my car. I'm trying to be nice to you meat puppets.
Kirby: What are you?
Vector: Robot, advanced to the point of human imitation, or I was until your friend here popped a cap in my head. *looks ahead to see zombie hoard* FTW, take the wheel.
FTW: Wait, how do you know me?

Vector opens window and climbs out of car and onto the hood

FTW: What is he doing?
Vector: *points left arm and it transforms into a belt fed minigun*
Kirby: What... the... hell is that?

Vector sprays zombie hoard with bullets clearing a path for the car to drive through. Eventually after that they made it to the small city.

Vector: *gets off of car* Okay, I know we've had our misunderstandings and I think that maybe we should leave on a high note.
Kirby: No way man, you should stick with us.
FTW: Yeah, you're pretty cool for something not human.
Vector: I know that action may have changed your minds but we have to go our separate ways.
Kirby: But why? You'd make a great addition to the team with firepower like that.
Vector: My mission is to cure the human race of the zombie virus, but it becomes clear to me that human interaction must be kept to a minimum in order to do so.
Kirby: so what, are you just going to save us once and then split?
Vector: No, I'm giving you my car, take it and use it to your advantage.
Kirby: Come on man, can't you give us a try?
Vector: I cannot, because as a secondary objective, I must eliminate any other threats to humanity. It is why I have such a vast armory. All Vector Units share this objective.
FTW: So, this means goodbye?
Vector: It has to be done. My only advice to you two is: survive, head for Sierra up north, and look out for other Vector Units beside me.
Kirby: Will we ever see each other again?
Vector: I hope not, but it will be likely.
FTW: *revs up engine* Sorry it had to be this way, you sure about this?
Vector: Goodbye, friends.

FTW and Kirby drove off through the city

FTW: Should we head for Sierra?
Kirby: I think we can trust him now?
FTW: Should we really trust him?
Kirby: He could have killed us in the car.
FTW: But the shaky thing is that he didn't... it's so weird.

(This reply was authorized by KirbyDude)
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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyTue Dec 09, 2014 8:38 am

One hour after the incident with Vector.

FTW: I still cant believe that, that type of human technology is available...
Kirby: I really think he would have been a great addition.
FTW: Soooo? Where are we gonna go? Up north into the Sierra? Or back south into the city?
Kirby: I say we go north.
FTW: But what if we run into more of those Vector units?
Kirby: The only thing we can do is run...atleast that is the safest choice.
FTW: Say...we sure need a pace for the night.
Kirby: I dont see any shelter around.
Kirby: Maybe if we head off into the woods and build a guarded fence trap around us and we could sleep peacefully.
Kirby: Atleast until the morning.
FTW: Sounds like a good plan lets get it set up.

After setting up the shelter for the night in the woods.

FTW: *pulls out pistol* Just for caution, I would do the same if I were you.
Kirby: *pulls out rifle with machete attached*
Kirby: So do you think Vector was also...human..just a bit you know.
Kirby: He just seemed not to have emotions...but he was just like one of us, willing to help another person out, with caution.
FTW: Yeah...but the important question is who designed him?
FTW: If we could find out who created him, we could ask for some help.
Kirby: But his other objective was to eliminate all other human life forms.
Kirby: What if he doesnt have a creator.
FTW: I dont you think we might run into Joel and Keyan again?
Kirby: By now...we dont have much of a chance.
Kirby: Why do you ask?
FTW: I mean we meet some really nice people and it sucks that we cant have them join our team.
Kirby: Its all about trust. I wouldnt trust us either if we crashed into the place with guns to their face.
FTW: I guess your right.
FTW: Well goodnight.
Kirby: Goodnight.

After sleeping, its 11:12 am.

The two take down the shelter to re-use again.

FTW: Alright, there should be a city up north from this road.
Kirby: I really hope we can find some food, we are low.
FTW: How much water do we have.
Kirby: *checks bag* 2 Gallons.
FTW: That should save us a months worth.
FTW: Hey what does that sign say?

Last Stand RP (Classic Split) Zombies-mainland-small

Kirby: "Zombies on Mainland."
FTW: Hopefully we can get past safely.
FTW: Hey I see the city!

Last Stand RP (Classic Split) 1546low

Kirby: Finally!
FTW: Lets go!

The two head off into the the city.

Continue from there.

Also you may add pictures that set the scene.

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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyTue Dec 09, 2014 12:20 pm

Kirby's shaking violently

FTW: You alright?
Kirby: Y-yea, I'm fine.
FTW: ... No you're not.
Kirby: No, it's ok-
FTW: No, it's NOT ok. Kirby, when was the last time you took your medication?
Kirby: When were we separated?
FTW: You haven't had a dose of EXT in 4 months?
Kirby: I've been trying to learn how to control it.
FTW: Kirby, this isn't like suffering from withdrawals, you have a virus. Check my bag, there's a few syringes of EXT in there.*Kirby checks the bag and finds a syringe*
Kirby: Where did you get these?
FTW: I'll tell you after you take it.

Kirby takes a dose and starts to calm down

FTW: Better?
Kirby:*sigh of relief* Yea, better.
FTW: I kinda wish I was like you. You can get bit and not turn into a walking corpse.
Kirby: No, I turn into something much worse.
FTW: How many?
Kirby: 5
FTW: Innocent?
Kirby: Out of rage...
FTW: ... Remember, take a dose every 3 weeks and you shouldn't have any more problems.
Kirby: More of a reason I should learn how to control it. So where did you get the EXT from? This stuff is damn near impossible to find.
FTW: Being a hero has its perks.

The two arrive at Sierra

FTW: So this is Sierra?
Kirby: Dude it's one of the last remaining cities still standing. What, did you expect the place to not to look like a sh*thole? We do what we need to, to survive. If we don't, we die. Simple as that.
FTW: Do you think we'll be safe here?
Kirby: No. It's only a matter of time before this place falls like the rest of them.
FTW: What happened to you Kirby? I remember when you used to have hope and a righteous mind, just like how I do...
Kirby: That was when I had a reason to have hope...
FTW: ...
Kirby: It was nice seeing you again.
FTW: WAIT, you're not gonna stay?
Kirby: Have you already forgot who I am?
FTW: Yea, but...
Kirby: I only stuck with you so I could find a place where you could be safe. It's not perfect, but at least you won't have to run for your life anymore.
FTW:... Then here. *gives Kirby the rest of the EXT and syringes* I won't need them as much as you probably will.
Kirby: Thanks.
FTW: Where are you gonna go?
Kirby: ...I don’t know… But I can’t stay, not with my condition.
FTW: I understand…
Kirby: Take care.

Kirby leaves the city. After a few days, a bulletin board at a bar catches FTW’s attention

FTW: … Looks like the problems keep coming. Well, if I'm gonna be stuck here, I might as well help out in any way I can. *Takes one of the wanted posters*

I just separated our characters.
This will help with character development as well as give openings for new characters
All 3 of us have to have a personal ep. before we can decide on combining again.
I will combine the stories once the 3 eps. are done.
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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyWed Dec 10, 2014 1:02 pm

FTW: With such a big city..where do I start?
FTW: I should find some food..I dont want to starve.

FTW heads over to an abandoned bakery he sees called Giavonies.

FTW: Man I really hope there is some bread in the back.
FTW: *takes out gun* Okay, okay...1...2...3!
FTW: *looks around back with gun in hand for protection*
FTW: Guess we are good.
FTW: Hey! Some bread and some honey..not rotten.
FTW: How....I shouldnt question it. *puts bread and honey in bag*

A sound of the front door opening alerts FTW.

FTW: Is that Kirby?
FTW: *Hears two people talking*
FTW: Crap, bandits.
FTW: I have to hide.
FTW: *hides behind containers for mixing*

The sounds of footsteps is echoed through the empty bakery.

???: You check the back.
??? 2: Okay.
???: Who's bag is this?
???: Wait...

FTW is silent as a mouse until.

???: FTW! Are you here?
??? 2: Who?!

FTW: *silently moves from containers*
FTW: Keyan!
Keyan: FTW you are here!
FTW: How did you get to Sierra?
Keyan: I saw you in a conversation with some guy in a car so I decided to follow you..ya know after helping us.
FTW: Wheres Joel?

Silence in the room.

Keyan: He...he got bit.
FTW: Im sorry.
??? 2: Whos is this?
Keyan: This is FTW he helped me and Joel at the ATC.
FTW: Hi whats your name.
??? 2: Its Sam.
FTW: So how did you two meet?
Keyan: After we left the ATC a couple of bandits were holding him hostage. So I jumped in.
FTW: What did you do?
Keyan: Two words, silencer..rifle.
FTW: Nice.
FTW: So what did the bandits look like?
Keyan: Bandana with black and blue dots.
FTW: Did he have green eyes?
Keyan: I cant really remember.
Sam: Yeah he did...that face looked me straight in the eyes.
Keyan: Wait how did you know.
FTW: *hands wanted poster*
FTW: Looks like some innocents put this up for safety.
Keyan: *examines poster*
Keyan: Thats him.
Sam: Do you think he is here.
FTW: I dont know.
FTW: Here take the poster.
Keyan: Why?
FTW: I am on my own for a while.
Sam: So your leaving?
FTW: Yeah...I have to.
FTW: Also take the hand grenade back.
Keyan: Thanks.

They all leave.

2 Hours later.

FTW: *sees a horde of zombies crossing*
FTW: I should go around.
FTW: *looks up at building sign*
FTW: Hey a hospital.
FTW: If I am correct there should be some medicine in there.

FTW enter the hospital.

FTW: *aims down the front entrance*
FTW: Clear.
FTW: *checks all the rooms and enters into the breakroom*
FTW:Hey look *chuckles* a full vending machine.
FTW: *Gets gun and whips vending machine*

The vending machine cracks.

FTW: Jackpot!
FTW: Kirby would have went crazy over all of this food.
FTW: Goes back to front desk and checks.
FTW: *sees a pile of doctors notes with patient files*
FTW: Might as well have a look.
FTW: Are these patients from when the breakout just started?
FTW: *flips through pages*

The papers show FTW's cousin's name.

FTW: Morgan?!
FTW: Sh*t..she is most likely dead..
FTW: But when did she get to Sierra?
FTW: *checks the patients date*
FTW: 3 years ago.
FTW: Damn..

FTW gathers his stuff and carries on.


I really enjoyed the aspect of us splitting up and I do approve.
Character development is very important, especially in an RP that sets a mood of isolation.
-ForTheWin  Laughing
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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyWed Dec 10, 2014 5:16 pm

Kirby is daydreaming inside of a car at a small town

FTW: Dude, really? Why did you bring Isabelle with you?
Kirby: Why not?
FTW: Well-
Isabelle: Why? Is it because I'm a girl?
FTW: ...
Kirby: Dude, you dun goofed.
FTW: No, it's not because of her, it's because of you.
Kirby: She can handle herself. Watch, I bet $20 she beats you the first 5 minutes.
FTW: You serious?
Isabelle: What? Are you scared of being beaten by a girl?
FTW: Fine, she can stay, but don't think I'm gonna go easy on her.
Isabelle: Don't worry, I've been playing paintball for longer than you may think.
Kirby: alright, lets do this.

Kirby's daydreaming is interrupted by the sound of a gunshot from one of the houses

Kirby: What? *gets out of car*
Kirby: *Looks around* ... Well, I guess I should find out where that came from.

Kirby sees two bandits in a house

Kirby: Figures... *takes out silenced pistol*
Kirby: *knocks on the front door*...*one of the bandits open the door*
Kirby: Hi *shoots the first bandit in the chest 3 times then walks into the house*
Kirby: *shoots the other bandit in the head* hmm... *sees a dead innocent on the floor*

There is a rustling sound coming from the closet

Kirby: *readys pistol and opens the closet*
???,???,???: *gasps*

It appears to be a man, a woman, and their 8 year old daughter. The bandits must have killed their son.

Kirby: *puts down his gun* It's ok... I'm not here to hurt you.
Man: What do you want? Where's my son? What happened to the other two?
Kirby: The bandits and I had a bit of a disagreement. I'm afraid your son is dead though...
Woman: *starts crying*no...
Kirby: Listen, there's a car out front. *tosses keys to the man* Use it to head up north to Sierra, you'll be much safer there. You may want to take the guns from the dead bandits with you as well.
Man: W-who are you?
Kirby: ... *looks at the bandits* I'm one of them.
Daughter: But they're bad guys, and bad guys don't help people.
Kirby: *chuckles* Yeah, that's right, but I've done some bad things in my past that I can never make right...
Woman: Don't always focus on the mistakes you've made in the past. It's what you do in the present that counts.
Kirby: *smiles* You may want to get going. The gunshot would've attracted some zombies as well.
Man: Thank you so much...
Kirby: Kirby.
Man: David. This is my wife Julia and my daughter Elise.
Kirby: It was nice meeting you.
Elise: Mommy, will we see Kirby again?
Kirby: ... Maybe someday.

The family drives of towards Sierra

Kirby leaves the town just as it's being overrun

Kirby: ... Vector said he was looking for a cure...
Kirby: *Takes out a map* There's a lab in Axiom. Maybe I can find some clues there... If Vector isn't there already.
Kirby: *starts walking towards Axiom*

Vector, beat me to Axiom. It's your choice whether or not we end up crossing paths in the process.
~KirbyDude bounce
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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyWed Dec 10, 2014 9:58 pm

A business meeting is being conducted in an underground bunker separate from the events above ground... for now.

???: The nuke definitely made some of the other units go down. We can't be sure if the ones still active are still trust worthy.
??? 2: It doesn't matter, we have to pull the plug and send in the Gyro models to clean up the mess. If the public finds out about this they may flip their lids.
???: Well maybe they won't, it's obvious that the robots can deal with the zombies, the only question that remains is whether or not they still protect the humans like they should.
??? 3: Then maybe it is time to send in our new prototype. We started this stupid apocalypse and he may be the one to finish it.
??? 2: we don't have authorization for that, the experiment is being held at the labs anyway, we can't tell if it would be activated for good or bad.
??? 4: Everyone calm down. As far as we know, the different robots have their objectives randomized. All we can do now is hope that Unit 0 is not disturbed. Both the product and the mind have not been tested yet, the results could benefit humans, or destroy us all.

Shift the scene back with Vector as he is walking north west down a separate freeway.

Vector: That was a bunch of blah, that wasn't really a supply area. It was more like a Wal-mart of zombies. At least I got more power to last me for at least a hundred lifetimes. Thank you convenient hacking software.

He comes to a road side sign and tries to read past the graffiti.

Vector: Hmm, Axiom... that sure sounds important. Too bad the graffiti suggests some bandits coming this way.

Vector travels to the labs and surveys the 'guards' outside.
A zombie comes by and slumps next to him.

Vector: Alright buddy, what do you think we should do?
Zombie buddy: *moans with exhaustion*
Vector: Well you're not much help.

Vector squishes the zombie's face into the ditch he was in.

Vector: Hold on... *literal light bulb comes out of the top of his head and lights up* I got it.

His right arm morphs into a grenade launcher as a voice in his head stated "Super Grenade"

Vector: Steady... steady...

He fires and the grenade explodes sending the guards flying off in giblets.

Vector: Aw yuss!!!

He runs in the labs and finds more cover just as he discovers more bandits looking for medical stuff.

Bandit 1: Hey Tito, are you sure we are supposed to find something here?
Tito: Look here you little shit, I heard there was something cool here being protected by some sort of super crazy thing okay. We just have to find it, sell it for the right price, and then pay back what we owe for the boss.
Bandit 2: It's really super simple you dumb azz.

Vector morphs the arm back to normal but his hand looks rather funny.

Vector: You guys done goofed up!

He comes out of hiding and points his funny looking finger at the bandits.

Bandit 1:What the hell? *starts laughing with Bandit 2 and Tito*
Bandit 2: Hey guys look out. I think he's got a gun, oh wait... he's gonna bang us.
Tito: Come on, who do you think you are dumb azz?
Vector: *changes to heavy voice* I am Heavy Weapons Guy, and dis *points to funny looking hand with normal hand* is my new weapon.

The bandits continue laughing as Vector aims at one of their heads.

Vector: Pow!

The head exploded and Bandit 1 stopped laughing along with Tito

Tito: Holy Shoot.
Bandit 1: How did he do that?

Vector shot at the other two and they both flew back into a wall.
Vector paused before turning around and aiming behind him.

Vector: Kirby?
Kirby: Yo what's up?
Vector: What are you doing here?
Kirby: well I though you might need help finding a cure so I was coming here anyway. Nice pistol you got there.
Vector: Thanks, it's my new HAND-gun. *plays ba dum tiss sound*
Kirby: Dude, that was horrible.
Vector: Yeah, but in all seriousness aside you should get out of here.
Kirby: Why?
Vector: I heard this place is guarded by something super, it could be one of the other units.
Kirby: Aw come on, how bad can it be?

A loud chain saw revs up and the turned to see a robot with green flesh covering it, a pair of jean shorts and a black mask with bright red eyes glowing out of them.

Kirby: Why me?

The two run all around the lab with the robot chasing them around until they barely make it into the elevator and go down underground.

Kirby: *heavy breathing* Friend of yours?
Vector: No, I didn't think they would have a Gyro model running all haywire in this place.
Kirby: What the heck is that?
Vector: Well, my model of robots could be considered the respectable handy man of our company, Stiener Industries.
Kirby: And the Gyro?
Vector: They only assign them with top level security. The company sold some of these to the military of Russia, Germany, France surprisingly, and even Japan, but they got the model three. I guess it had something to do with them looking like anime girls. They can be programmed to be assassins or elite body guards, but they would never use a chainsaw like that. Unless it was the Vector used to test the model.
Kirby: What do you suppose is so important?
Vector: it could be the Vector Unit 0.
Kirby: What was so important about that?
Vector: Each of us is supposed to test something in the field of robotics, and from six onward we were built with emotion, and other things.
Kirby: Like what?
Vector: I'll tell you later, here's our floor.

The door was opened but there were zombies everywhere wearing scientists' lab coats.

Vector: I guess they had no idea in mind for a cure.
Kirby: I don't want to get bit here.
Vector: Then get behind me! *morphs hand into a shotgun along with arm*
Kirby: Hey I can fight too *pulls out assault rifle*

The two go around shooting the zombie scientists like they were at a shooting range.
They then found what was so important.
Two pods that contained two different subjects.

Vector: I knew it. Vector Unit 0, both A and B, they were here all along.
Kirby: Why two?
Vector: In case the cure didn't work, they had a backup. Although they could have come up with different themes.
Kirby: They have nick names: Empress and Magician.
Vector: We are named so far after the Tarot Cards.
Kirby: What were you named after?
Vector: I never found out because no one else knew. It's like my files were lost or something.

Kirby looked inside one of the pods and saw a fully clothed man wearing a hoodie with a robotic half face.
In the other pod, Vector looked and sighed.
Inside was a beautiful woman with snow white skin and black hair wearing sweat pants and a baggy sweat shirt.

Kirby: Do you know this girl?
Vector: A part of me does. I can't explain it but as I look at her, code is flying in front of my eyes. It's scrambled and I can't tell what it means.
Kirby: Well, it says she is the cure in the file taped to the bubble.
Vector: Let's open her up and get her out of here. Take this to cover us *pulls out a magazine fed shotgun and hands it to Kirby*
Kirby: Nice.

They head back to the elevator with the girl cradled in Vector's arms just as stair door was pounded open.

Kirby: He's persistent isn't he?
Vector: Yeah he is another unit. I think he is Strength.

Kirby unloaded the magazine of heavy buckshot into the robot, but the only thing taking damage was the skin.

Vector: Here, you get the girl to the elevator while I deal with him *shoves the girl into his arms making him drop the gun*

Vector rushes to fight Strength and delivers a punch to the face that tears off the mask

Vector: Is that all you got? Huh?
Strength: *growls with anger*
Vector: Yeah, your mother was a trash compactor!

Kirby makes it to the elevator just as Vector is thrown in. The doors close and strength is left to watch and listen as the elevator rises up.

Kirby: So now what?
Vector: We wait till she wakes up to see if the cure works

Back on the ground floor

Strength opens the other pod and Magician wakes up

Magician: About time. These humans will be judged at last.
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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyThu Dec 11, 2014 9:10 am

From the continuation of FTW's point of view.

FTW: *heads upstairs into the medical supply room*
FTW: Man that is one long hallway..good thing all the drawers are labeled or I would be lost in this place forever.
FTW: Okay....*grabs all the medicine*
FTW: Whats this *looks at strange medicine*
FTW: So this is some kinda pain number.
FTW: Like a drug.
FTW: Might as well have it for now. *chuckles*
FTW: *walks downstairs*

Zombies start banging on the door.

FTW: Haha! They can just walk in...
FTW: *tries to open the door and its locked*
FTW: You have to be kidding me!
FTW: Now windows downstairs..
FTW: *goes up tot he second floor*
FTW: *throws bag out window*
FTW: Okay..*takes deep breath*
FTW: *jumps*

FTW hits the ground with a sprained ankle.

FTW: *swearing*
FTW: *gets up and begins to limp fast*

The zombies at the door hear him.

FTW: Just f*cking great*
FTW: *Gets out colt*
FTW: *shoots the zombies in the head*
FTW: *lays down*
FTW: *breathes heavily*
FTW: Ugh..
FTW: *begins to walk back out of the city*

FTW examines he map he was given of the city.

FTW: It looks like the next city is Axiom.
FTW: Man im tired as sh*t.
FTW: *looks around*
FTW: Well..I have nowhere to go...
FTW: Guess I am just gonna go to Axiom.
FTW: I hope I can make it..
FTW: And that someones there, thats not a bandit, or crazy.

Sorry this one was short...I had to much to handle at the moment and also the internet went down at the school so it reset. Yeah I was pissed. I will continue on today at night or later at school.
- ForTheWin bounce
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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyThu Dec 11, 2014 11:49 pm

Back to Kirby and Vector.

Kirby and Vector are walking towards Sierra. Kirby is carrying Empress by piggyback.

Kirby: *looks at Empress and then Vector* You look like you're trying your best to remember…
Vector: … I-I really want to… but I just can’t…
Kirby: You know… Maybe you two are like connected in a way.
Vector: What do you mean?
Kirby: Wel-... Nevermind…
Vector: Don’t waste my time like that...
Kirby: ...Hey, you said that vector units 6 and up have emotions right?
Vector: Yea, why?
Kirby: Well, after seeing your reaction to Empress, I was just wondering, what unit are you from?
Vector: Seven.
Kirby: Vector7. Yea, that has robot gunfights written all over it…
Vector: Well, what did you expect?
Kirby: Not much… It doesn't make any sense…
Vector: What doesn’t?
Kirby: Empress is a Vector0 model and yet, she looks younger than you… Like she’s newer…
Vector: That’s because she is.
Kirby: ...Wut?
Vector: I can't explain how I know… I just do…
Kirby: Everything’s scrambled from that point forward huh?
Vector: Yea… Almost as if it was scrambled on purpose…

Kirby and Vector stop by a cleared out town nearby Sierra

Kirby: So you guys are named after tarot cards?
Vector: I told you we don’t-
Kirby: I know, but If you were named after a tarot card, you would have one of three names.
Vector: Which would be…
Kirby: Based on how you act towards me so far: The Fool, The Emperor, or The Chariot.
Vector: And how would you be able to deduce something like that?
Kirby: I know my tarot cards…
Vector: … You seem to be a bit distracted. Is something wrong?
Kirby: No, it’s fine.
Vector: Kirby, do you actually think you can trick me? Tarot cards give you a bad memory, why?
Kirby: T-they just remind me of someone I cared about…
Vector: ... You don't have to tell me if you don't want to…
Kirby: No, I can handle it. We may want to start a fire first, it’s getting pretty dark.

It’s a full moon at about midnight. Kirby and Vector get a fire started.

Vector: So, what was their name?
Kirby: Her name was Isabelle. With both of our families dead, she was the only thing I cared about when all of this started.
Vector: I take it you were in love with her?
Kirby: Yea, we were in love with each other. We were always there for eachother, even when the going got rough.
Vector: What happened?
Kirby: *crying a bit* Sh-she died…
Vector: *trying not to ask how*… I’m sorry for your loss…
Kirby: *trying to keep a steady tone* It was about a year ago. A couple of bandits held us captive for all the stuff we had. All I had with me was a dose of EXT for Issy to keep her from going rampant. They weren't planning on letting us go, so just as they're about to execute us, FTW decides to blow the entire place up with some c4 we stole during the raids. Isabelle was shot in the chest. The last image I can remember of her is when she was lying on the ground, bleeding, staring me straight in the eyes before a piece of the warehouse lands on me and I black out. When I came to, FTW was dragging my body away from the rubble and I never saw her ever again...
Vector: And the bandits?
Kirby: *tears starting to come down* They survived the building, so I looked for them and killed them myself. The bastards had it coming...
Vector: So you avenged Isabelle’s death.
Kirby: *breaking down* It doesn't matter anymore. She’s dead. The last thing I ever cared about in my life is gone and I’ll never get to see her ever again…
Vector: …

After about an hour, Kirby finally falls asleep. A shadowy limping figure is seen in the distance.

Vector: *turns arm into a high caliber sniper rifle and aims it at the shadowy figure*
Shadowy figure: *collapses*
Vector: *arm changes back to normal* uhh… *goes over to the shadowy figure*
Shadowy figure: *panicky* Woah woah hey hey hold on, I didn't mean anything I was just- Vector?
Vector: FTW?

Vector helps FTW to the camp site

Vector: You really shouldn't walk in the open like that.
FTW: I know. *looks at Empress* So who’s that?
Vector: The cure, or at least I hope so…
FTW: Meh… *sees Kirby* How long has he been asleep for?
Vector: He just fell asleep.
FTW: Huh… It’s been awhile since I've seen him actually fall asleep. Normally he wakes up when he hears someone or something else come by.
Vector: Light sleeper?
FTW: No, he relives the death of his girlfriend everytime he tries to sleep. What, did he tell you about it?
Vector: Yeah. Sounds like he’s lost everything…
FTW: Not everything…  In fact, I'm the last person who he cares about.
Vector: But, he just said-
FTW: He was breaking down wasn't he?
Vector: Yes…
FTW: *sigh* It’s just like him. He’s been lost ever since he lost Isabelle. I've known him my entire life, and I've never seen him care more about anybody else other than her before. And I mean I've known him for my ENTIRE life.
Vector: You're like brothers huh?
FTW: Yea, you can say that. I give him a bit of comfort by being the only friend he still trusts, but I also remind him of the reason he became a bandit.
Vector: Speaking of his reminder, was Isabelle bitten before?
FTW: Yea, Kirby’s been bit too. Why?
Vector: He said something about using EXT, a treatment drug that stops the incubation process of the virus as long as you take consistent doses, to keep Isabelle from going “rampant”.
FTW: Kirby and Issy were pretty unusual. It turns out that both of them happen to be resistant to the virus. Although they can’t become zombies themselves, they have a harder time controlling themselves, if you get what I mean. They don't need the EXT, but they get dangerous without it. I guess you can say that Kirby here is a zombie that still has a conscious and uses medication to calm his anger issues.
Vector: And what would your special trait be?
FTW: It’s nearly impossible to sneak up on me.
Vector: You can detect life?
FTW: Something like that. I can only detect presences.
Vector: So you only know what’s there, not how many.
FTW: Pretty much.*yawn* I think I might need some sleep too. You?
Vector: I really don't need to.
FTW: Alright, well, goodnight.
Vector: ‘Night.

FTW, let Vector go next. The Empress is a character he still has to introduce to us. I don't want us to mess up anything he might be planning.
~KirbyDude Sleep
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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyFri Dec 12, 2014 9:36 am

Thanks for understanding.

Everyone is fast asleep.

*in FTW's head*

The setting is in the car with his dad going back home from vacation.

Dad: So how did you like the trip?
FTW: It was alright.
Dad: *sigh*...I feel like you dont care anymore.
FTW: No I do its just tha-
Dad: Its the new technology now one likes conversation anymore.
FTW: That and...the people acted so sad.
Dad: That was because it was a "flu season" before we left.
FTW: Is that why..there was so many people in the hospital.

A military helicopter flies overhead.

Dad: I wonder what that was about?

A ton of cop cars head towards the city while SWAT vans follow.

Dad: Okay! *car screeches to a halt*

FTW: What is?
Dad: a-...a.

An outbreak of zombies are running towards the cops biting them and killing them.

Dad: *turns on car*....*shaking*

The dad drives away and reaches the freeway.

FTW: Dad what was scared.
Dad: I dont grandma.

The phone is silent as no one picks up.

FTW: *crying*
Dad: Its going to be alright *tearing up while driving*.
Dad: *reaching 100 miles per hour*
FTW:...what whats happening?
Dad: *calms down*...I dont know.

Silence is in the car.

Dad turns on the radio.

Radio: Everyone that is still alive escape out of any building and try to find rescue, shoot any..undead in the head for them to die.
Radio: This has been the last broadcast...for now.

The radio cuts off.

FTW: So is it an outbreak..
Dad: Thats why those people were in the hospital...they got undead..or something else..

A bunch of cars are in the middle of the road.

FTW: Hey dad slow down.
Dad: We can make it.
FTW: Dad..DAD!

The car crashes into a road block of cars.


FTW's face is emotionless.

FTW: Dad! dont go.

FTW's dad is dead on the steering wheel.

FTW: *loud grunting* ...whats that?

Zombies are headed towards the sound of the car and FTW screaming.

FTW: *hops out of tilted car*
FTW: *runs*
FTW: God I need you right now...put my dad in a better alone for now.

FTW wakes up.

FTW:....its not a dream...


So how did you like the flashback of how I am on my own..I needed some backstory for my character development. I also did not change the story. This was kinda like a short.
Never the less thanks. -ForTheWin
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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyFri Dec 12, 2014 11:42 am

Vector: *watching over the sleeping bodies* If only I could remember. *hears footsteps in the brush behind* who's there?
???: Hey, long time no see brother.
Vector: Hermit? *looks to make sure that no one is awake* could we talk somewhere else?
Hermit: sure.

The two leave not too far away.

Hermit: still having trouble remembering?
Vector: yeah, do you have trouble as well?
Hermit: not as much. I saw you had Empress with you. Yeah, I do.
Vector: Yeah, I don't know how long it will be before she wakes up. But there is something that keeps me drawn to her, maybe it's from my wiped out memory.
Hermit: What about those other two? They could endanger her life.
Vector: Kirby and FTW? I trust them.
Hermit: If only I could do the same as you. I only know human anger because of the bandits. You always had the habit of finding the good guys.
Vector: Just know that if you so much as attempt to hurt them, I will be coming for you.
Hermit: Then I'll know to stay away. *starts walking away* Till next time?
Vector: Yeah, till next time.

Vector comes back to camp just as FTW wakes up.

FTW: Morning
Vector: Hey, sleep well?
FTW: Not really.
Kirby: *wakes up with shock*
Vector: Slow down there soldier.
Kirby: Sorry. Just, that memory still haunts me.
Vector: I don't know if I can relate or not.

The three notice Empress starting to wake up.

Empress: Wuh... Where am I?
Vector: *takes a knee* Your Majesty.
FTW and Kirby: *take a knee as well*
Empress: Fool? Is that you?
Vector: Huh?
Kirby: So you are Fool.
Vector: I'm not sure.
Empress: Fool, don't you remember? *stands up calmly* We were supposed to be together, remember?
Vector: I... I can't remember.
Empress: *turns to Kirby* WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HIM?!
Kirby: *raises hands in front of him* We did nothing! We just found him like this I swear.
FTW: Geez take a chill pill will you?
Empress: Oh, there must be something wrong with his memory banks. *walks behind Vector* Let me take a look.
Kirby: *stands next to her* can I watch?
Empress: You may, but you shall not interfere with the process.
Kirby: got it.
FTW: *also stands next to her as she opens the back of Vector's head*
Empress: Oh... oh my.
FTW: What? Is there something wrong with him?
Empress: Well, yes and no.
Kirby: So what is the problem?
Empress: Well, much how like you humans have amnesia due to some catastrophic event, Fool here seems to have the same thing done to him?
FTW: So Vector is Fool?
Fool: Come on, even I picked up on that.
Empress: What ever happened to you... it made you lose years worth of memory. *begins to cry*
Kirby: Are you okay?
Empress: *closes Fool's head* I'll be fine, I just need some way to unscramble the code to get his memory back.
FTW: I think I know someone that can help us. He might be in Sierra.
Empress: Where is that?
Kirby: It's a long story, a lot has happened over the years.

A powerful light shoots into the air as Fool stands up

Kirby: I haven't seen that happen before.
FTW: You think that's at Sierra?
Fool: I doubt it, but it can't be far off. Let's start heading out.
Empress: Alright but I don't have any shoes so can one of you carry me?
Fool: I'll do it.
Empress: You were always the nicer one. *kisses his cheek*
Fool: *blushes lightly* Erm... Thank you?
FTW: Looks like this tin man's heart was fluttered.
Fool: Shuddap!
Kirby: Hey, it's okay to have feelings for someone.
Fool: I said shuddap!
Empress: Guys stop toying with him. We need to get his memory back. *climbs onto Fool's back* Onward!
Fool: *sigh* are we there yet?

Meanwhile at the origin of the light

???: There, that should get us some attention. What do you think Strength?
Strength: Magician... Smart.
Magician: I honestly forgot how much of an idiot you were.

Bandits show up in a car

Bandit 1: Hey, we couldn't help but notice that you had some light shined up in the sky.
Magician: Oh balls, I really didn't want to make a mess today.
Bandit 2: Hey screw you! Get on the floor!
Magician: You don't know what you are dealing with.
Bandit 3: *aims shotgun* You want to say that again?

The Magician teleports in front of the shotgun guy and rips it from his hands

Magician: This is where you die now. *touches his head with his index finger*

The finger turns into a metal spike and it passes through the skull cleanly
The magician laughs as the other two are running away

Strength: Ha, Ha, Ha
Magician: Just stop now before you embarrass yourself.
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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyMon Dec 15, 2014 11:29 am

Back to the group of 4

Heading toward Sierra

Empress: So, what is this human you speak of?
Fool: They don't like being objectified, just a quick warning.
Empress: And what exactly can they do to us?
Kirby: If I didn’t know who you were, I’d have an empty clip in my pistol right now…
FTW: Kirby!
Kirby: *taps his arm* Huh, the EXT must be wearing off already.
FTW: You’ll have to excuse my friend, he’s been through alot…
Fool: Back to the original question, who’s this person you’re talking about?
FTW: His name is Keyan.
Kirby: Keyan and Joel are at Sierra?
FTW: No, just Keyan. Joel died, so Keyan was with a guy named Sam when I saw him.
Kirby: … Poor bastard…
FTW: Keyan has some background in DIY engineering.
Fool: How do you know?
Kirby: He gave us a pipe bomb awhile back.
Empress: Pipe bomb?
Fool: It’s a bomb that attracts zombies for 3 seconds then blows them up.
Empress: A simple yet effective weapon.
Kirby: Indeed.

The group arrive at Sierra

FTW: Here we are.
Empress: Uhhh…
Kirby: Looks like a sh*thole, yea we know.
Fool: So where’s Keyan?
FTW: I… don’t know…
Empress: You don’t know if he’s even here do you?
Kirby: DUDE C’MON!
FTW: Well it’s not like I keep tabs on everyone! Give me a break!
Fool: Well, I guess he’s right. I wouldn’t want to stay still either at the risk of being shot at any time.
Empress: Well can we try to find him faster? My butts getting sore…
FTW: Why were you shoeless in the first place? Someone steal them?
Kirby: *Looks up in thought*
FTW: Kirby… What are you thinking about?
Kirby: *Blushes out of embarrassment* Em… FTW, can you check my bag?
FTW: Sure. *Searches through Kirby’s bag* I don’t know why y-...oh my god…
Fool: What? What’s in there?
FTW: *Pulls out a pair of running shoes from Kirby’s bag*
Kirby: *Looks down out of shame*
Fool: *irritated* Wait, so you had a pair of shoes on you this entire time?
Empress: Maybe he thought they wouldn’t fit on me.
Kirby: They were my girlfriend’s… Guess I just forgot I was holding on to them for her…
Fool: *puts Empress down*
FTW: *hands Empress the shoes* *whispering* Don’t ask him about his girlfriend. That’s what I meant when I said he’s been through alot.
Empress: Oh… I’m so sorry Kirby-
Kirby: Don’t be, you had nothing to do with it.
Empress: *puts on the shoes* They fit perfectly.
FTW: Hey, it matches your outfit too!
Kirby: Getting a little fashionista on us, eh FTW?
Fool: Shots fired.
FTW: Shut the f*ck up dude, at least I don’t keep my girlfriend’s shoes for years.
Fool: More shots fired.

FTW and Kirby argue in a comedic fashion

Empress: *Laughing* You’re friends are weird, Fool.
Fool: Yea, most humans are.
Empress: I like them.
Fool: Well, I couldn’t have got you out of the lab without Kirby.
Empress: The heartbroken bandit?
Fool: I guess you can call him that…
Empress: Well, I guess I never properly thanked him them.

Empress hugs Kirby, interrupting the argument.

Kirby: *blushes*Uhh…
FTW: Alright then…
Empress: You’re oddly timid for someone who has the ability to glare back at the face of death.
FTW: Wat?
Fool: He’s brave but shy.
FTW: Oh…
Fool: As much as I’d love to stay here all day and hang around doing nothing, we still need to get my memory back.
FTW: Alright, the last time I saw Keyan was at a bakery named Giavonies.
Kirby: That’s at the plaza, It’s a good place to lay low so we’ll probably find him and Sam still there.

The 4 head toward the plaza.
Kirby stops for a moment.
In an alleyway, a shadowy figure of a girl is looking straight at him.

Kirby: Hello?

The girl disappears further into the alley

Kirby: …
Fool: Kirby, you coming?
Kirby: Yea, be right there… (she looked familiar somehow…)

Have another flashback FTW, I have something in mind for the next part
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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyMon Dec 15, 2014 12:03 pm

FTW: Hey do you mind if I lie down a bit...
FTW: I know its a lot but I just need to.
Kirby: Are you sure thats safe?
Fool: Yeah I mean you could get killed.
FTW: Yeah I will be fine, just go on for a bit without me.
FTW: I will be here if you need me.
Empress: Stay safe.

The rest leave and FTW goes to sleep.

While FTW is asleep he has a flashback.

FTW: Hey...this is weird.
FTW: No zombies are around.
FTW: ...whats that off in the distance?
FTW: Looks like an abandoned house.

FTW heads off into the house.

FTW: *pulls out gun*
FTW: No ones here.
FTW: Lets see whats on tv.

The tv turns on.

FTW: Looks like on demand works.
FTW: This is my time to relax.

A grunting sound comes from the basement.

FTW: You have to be fucking kidding.
FTW: *heads into basement*
FTW: Hello?

A zombie grabs his arm and bites him.

FTW shoots the zombie and kills him

FTW: *emotionless*
FTW: *tears* no.
FTW: *falls onto floor*
FTW: Shit...
FTW: I give up.
FTW: Gets a bandage.

FTW bandages himself.

FTW: Well...I cant let anyone know.
FTW: *gets up*

FTW: *Lays down and goes back to sleep*

FTW wakes up in real life.

FTW: Whats happening?
Kirby: We need to go now!
Fool: Hurry grab your stuff!
FTW: Okay....

I wont be posting for a while since I am working on the storyboard for Gunship. bounce
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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyThu Jan 15, 2015 10:01 pm

The 4 reach the plaza

Gunshots are coming from everywhere

FTW: What the-?
Kirby: *takes out an M14* FTW, take Empress to cover. Fool, keep my six!
Fool: Got it! *left arm expands into a heavily armored riot shield while the other is a chaingun*
Empress: Be careful!
FTW: C'mon, let’s go! *pulls out an uzi and takes Empress to safety*

5 minutes into the firefight

Kirby: Sh*t… They’re everywhere…
Fool: Kirby, you're a sharpshooter aren't you?
Kirby: Yea why?
Fool: I also noticed you carry a scoped .500 S&W so you must have some quickdraw experience.
Kirby: So I do. What are you suggesting?
Fool: It’s almost high noon…

The bullets stop firing

Kirby: … Oh, I live for this sh*t...

Kirby smirks puts down the m14, puts on his bandana mask, and steps out of cover with his hands at his sides. There is a long pause. Suddenly two bandits jump out and aim at Kirby. Both have bullet holes in their heads as soon as they pop out.

Kirby: Now, *with .500 in his hands* Let me tell you few things about rookies at the draw. First, they try to get a vantage point.*shoots a bandit off of a church bell tower* If hes not alone, *shoots another bandit through the bell tower window*. *starts to reload, moves his head to the side and dodges a bullet, finishes reloading and immediately fires at an inn window. a bandit falls out* Next is always a hotel window *shoots a bandit on the top of the inn* but sometimes he’s not there, the one on the roof knew what he was doing. *3 bandits charge at Kirby. All 3 get shot down at the same time* tsk, tsk, *reloads* now that’s VERY stupid. *holsters gun* Now all thats left is…

Another gunslinger walks out of the saloon

Fool: Oh geez, he came out of a saloon and everything…

There is nothing but silence. Nothing is moving. Kirby and the gunslinger are facing eachother with their hands at their sides, not even a single motion. Fool watches with angst. Empress is waiting in awe to see what happens next. FTW prepares for the worst. As soon as the clock tower hits noon, both gunmen fire. The gunslinger collapses, bullet to the head.

Then Kirby falls to his knees, then to the ground. Bullet to the chest.

FTW: *comes out of cover and runs towards Kirby* KIRBY!
Empress: *in shock*
Fool: …
FTW: *kneeling beside Kirby crying* No… not you too… please… don't go… I don't want to be alone…
Kirby: *lifts up one hand*
FTW: What is it?
Kirby: *reaches into jacket and pulls out a metal lighter with a bullet in it* Here’s a souvenir for your first lesson.
FTW: *chuckling* Kirby, you crazy son of a b*tch…
Empress: *sigh of relief*
Fool: *laughing* Kirby, you are the probably the only bandit that I'm glad is on our side…
Kirby: So how’d I do?
Fool: All contacts in the area except for two have been neutralised.

Keyan comes out with his hands in the air, blood on his hands

Keyan: Don’t shoot…

Kirby and FTW stand up

FTW: Keyan, it’s us.
Kirby: How've you been doin’ man?
Keyan: FTW, Kirby? You got rid of the bandits?
Kirby: Uhhh… Yea, lets go with that…
Keyan: Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot you two were-
Kirby: Thanks for ratting me out…
FTW: Oh, right… Hey, where’s Sam?

Keyan leads the group inside to reveal Sam who has been shot in the stomach

Sam: *weak* Keyan! Look ou-
Kirby: Calm down, I'm a friend.
Keyan: He was shot in the firefight before you came.
Empress: Let me see him. *surveys Sam’s bullet wound* It doesn't appear to have punctured anything vital. I could easily get it out with the proper tools.
Kirby: *gives Empress his bag which has a pocket full of medical tools* I get shot at... A lot…
Empress: Perfect...But before I can help him…
Keyan: What?
Kirby: Well, these two aren't human, and *points at Fool* this one here seems to have a damaged memory. It’s intact, just interrupted and we were hoping you would help us recover his memory.
Keyan: I'm not good with computers though…
Kirby: Can you build or fix them?
Keyan: Yea, I'm good with hardware-.
Kirby: I can handle the software.
Keyan: Alright, I’ll see what I can do.

Vector and I will take over for a bit FTW. I'm pretty sure Vector should explain his character's backstory next, and I have another idea I want to get off my mind but I need to be after Vector. I may or may not add to gunship to keep you busy.
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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptySat Jan 17, 2015 9:47 pm

Keyan and Kirby open the head of Fool and start addressing the problems.

Keyan: Geez, no wonder the system was so messed up, there are a few problem wires and cables that were fused together.
Kirby: Well, it seems that may be the only problem because the software says he's running at 100%... minus the proper backup.
Keyan: *ripping out the damaged hardware* this better be the only problem because I do not feel in the mood to be disarming a bomb here.
Fool: t'noD yrrow, E t'now edolpxe.
Keyan: Oops...
Kirby: What did you do?
Keyan: Well, I may or may not have pulled out the vocal wires.
Kirby: Just hurry up and fix him.
Keyan: Whatever you say.

Keyan manages to fix the wires and reconnect memory cables while Kirby pulls out a small laptop.

Kirby: *plugging into Fool's ear* alright, let's see what I can do.
Computer voice: welcome...
Kirby: Why is that voice so creepy?
Fool: Dude, I'm just as creeped out as you are.
Kirby: okay... *types away* let's reboot your memory I guess.

The memory reboot process takes place as a video come into the view of everyone.

FTW: Anyone got popcorn?
Empress: Shut up! This is important. *turns back to Sam* Sorry.

The memory video is disoriented and is viewed in fragments.
The next scene is going through those memories in some sort of underground city.

Fool: *looking at some sort of centaur robot* Look man, I know it's illegal of me to do this but, I do have feelings for her. It's something you wouldn't understand.
???: No I understand completely. Maybe Magician was right, you have yet to know your place.
Fool: You really don't understand do you? Chariot, I... I think I'm in love.
Chariot: But it is impossible, you were built to help the humans, like me, like Strength.
Fool: Then why do you listen to the nonsense that Magician fills in your head? I don't know if you can see this coming but he can easily manipulate you into doing his dirty work.
Chariot: *unsheathes broad sword* I will not be manipulated! You better have a good reason for-
Fool: And I'm the one with the emotional problem?
Chariot: *sheathes the sword* sorry. To be honest, I'm a bit jealous. The great doctor Harioma had greater plans for you. I heard rumors that it included... being more human.
Fool: I wish I could bro hug you but you are much taller than me.
Chariot: Could you tell me one thing though?
Fool: What is it my friend?
Chariot: What is it like? What does it feel like to fall in love?
Fool: Why do you want to know so badly?
Chariot: Well, I... I too am getting attached to these humans. Maybe they are worth saving like you said the other day. I was never designed to be a hero though... but I guess there is no real cure for that.

The memory dissipates and transforms into another scene: a room where Fool is meeting with Empress who is doing healing stuff.

Fool: *flustered* H-Hey.
Empress: Oh, hi Fool.
Fool: So uh, what are you working on?
Empress: I almost got the cure to this whole zombie problem. Maybe we could counter it before it gets to the rest of the world.
Fool: Well, technically it was a mutant issue before one of those said mutants bit into a scientist.
Empress: *chuckles a bit* you're right, but I think it is a zombie problem because the mutagen in one breed of mutant serum turned the test subject into a sort of hive mind. Are you getting this?
Fool: Just because I am the fool doesn't mean I can't be smart. Has the hive mind infected the other subject?
Empress: Unfortunately, yes. They became normal zombies though.
Fool: Well that's good.
Empress: I can tell you are here for something else.
Fool: *sighs heavily* Empress... I have to know. Do you have feelings for me?
Empress: *blushes softly* What do you mean, feelings?
Fool: I have to come clean, I love you.

The scene ends with Empress rushing over to kiss Fool just before dissipating into the next one of Fool being shoved into an arena.

Magician: You insignificant rodent! I trusted you!
Fool: *stands up* You are a liar! You never trusted me! You claimed me weak because I cared for the humans!
Magician: Are you willing to work with them? They care not for us!
Fool: They don't care for us? Or they don't care for you?
Magician: *clears throat* What do you mean?
Fool: I figured it all out. I figured the secret to us all. Vectors! We are the fate of humanity if they cannot handle the outbreak. I know I'm the fool but you have to listen to me! I found the truth the other day!
Magician: *looks to other Vectors and Gyros* You may speak.
Fool: We have little time. The zombie outbreak is upon the humans and we must destroy the hive mind. I was given the okay by the people who created us. We can go and destroy the hive mind before it spreads. Who is with me?!

The scene ends with several of the Gyro models cheering while the Vectors remained quiet. The next scene was of Fool charging a hybrid zombie, hunter outpost where the zombies are clinging to the last reminants of their humanity and formed an aggressive personality.

Fool: *firing mini gun arm* bring it on you slime!
Magician: *over a transmission* Fool, don't fall into your names sake. Leave now, you don't have much time.
*An explosion destroying several hybrid zombies end the battle*
Fool: What don't I have much time for?
Magician: They found out... the creators.
Fool: Did they celebrate because this is a victory.
Magician: No, they did... well.
*a time underneath a radioactive symbol appears at less than thirty seconds*
Fool: Wh-What? Magician... no.
Magician: The humans don't deserve such a hero like us.
Fool: But it's what Nazotech wants. They built this to scare the humans. I just destroyed the last of it!
Magician: I'm sorry, but you have actually failed. The virus has already spread. You're too late. This was the only option.
Fool: *puts away mini gun and reveals jets on his back* No... it was all you. It... it was I who trusted you. Now I have to receive your betrayal.
Magician: No! This is not part of the plan!

Fool flies upward in search of the nuke and finds it. He latches onto the bomb and starts pulling it away from the original target. The ground reaches closer and closer until... the screen goes static.

Now back with Kirby and the rest as they finish watching the scene.

Fool: You shouldn't have done that... *oil tears run down his eyes*
Empress: He... never told me that.
Fool: And now, I'll have to kill him. All because you wanted my memory back.

(authorized by Kirby, hopefully this doesn't throw a screw in the story)
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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyTue Jan 20, 2015 5:48 pm

Kirby unplugs the laptop from Fool

Empress: Fool I-
Fool: I know he’s your brother, but if we don’t stop him…
Kirby: Great, so now we have possibly the leader of all of the vector models against us… Just how the actual f*ck do you think we can kill him?
Fool: “We”?
Kirby: Newsflash bub, we’re not just gunna sit tight and twiddle our thumbs till we’re killed by some f*cking piece of scrap metal. We already live in hellhole now, so it’s not like we’ll miss anything if we go out fighting.
Empress: My brother isn’t one to be taken lightly…
Kirby: Pretty sure the playback gave me an idea what we’re getting into.
FTW: Can he bleed?
Fool: I- uh, yea I guess you can say that… wh-?
FTW: Anything that bleeds can die. So how can we make him bleed?
Keyan: Speaking of bleed…
Empress: Sam’s fine, you can go check if you want.
Keyan: Thanks *leaves *
Fool: … Well, I have the weaponry to get past his defences…
Kirby: C’mon, I’m sure that company of yours has some kind of prototype weapon that humans can use…
Fool: …
FTW: Come on, spit it out…
Fool: Yes there are weapons that 5 specific humans can use… But I only know 1 of the 4 of you being able to use them… Kirby has the right properties to use one of the Harbingers.
FTW: Harbingers?
Kirby: Like the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse?
Empress: Fool, no. It’ll kill him if you’re wrong.
Fool: And he’ll become even more powerful if I’m right… But the process is painful…
FTW: Umm… Kirby?
Kirby: I’m willing to take that risk…
Fool: I want to test FTW for something first…
FTW: *gulp*
Empress: I’ll do it… *takes a blood sample from FTW using a syringe and begins to scan it*
FTW: *muffled scream*
Kirby: Yeeaaahh… He isn't very fond of needles…

Empress finishes scanning FTW’s blood sample and is surprised

FTW: What?
Empress: This mutation is incredible… Not only do you also qualify in using one of the Harbingers, you’re a walking vaccine…
Kirby: Oh, my…
FTW: What?
Kirby: Dude, you’re immune…
FTW: I am? But…
Empress: Your blood has naturally accepted the virus as an antibody and it gives you no symptoms whatsoever. Not only that, you don’t spread the virus either.
Kirby: Wait, FTW, did you get bit and not bother to tell me?
FTW: You would have shot me…
Kirby: No I wouldn’t… I probably would have chained you to a post…
Fool: That doesn’t sound any better…
Kirby: I know… So… About the Harbingers…
Empress: I need an EXO node in order to start the proc-

Kirby pulls out all 5 EXO nodes from his bag

Kirby: I thought you’d need them at some point so…
Fool: Do you take everything just for the heck of it?
FTW: Yea, he pretty much does...
Empress: … Kirby, you may want to go first…
FTW: Why?
Fool: You may want to leave the room too FTW…
FTW: What are you going to do to him?
Kirby: Heh... Yea... How bad could it be?
Fool: If I’m right about which Horseman you are, your process is the most excruciating… You don’t have to do this…
Kirby: …
FTW: … On second thought, Kirby, let’s not do thi-
Kirby: Leave the room FTW…
FTW: …

FTW leaves the room. All that can be heard is Kirby screaming in pain for 3 hours before everything becomes quiet again.

Fool: FTW?
FTW: Yea?
Fool: You can come back to see Kirby now…
FTW: …

FTW walks back into the room. There are blood rags everywhere. Empress is cleaning off the surgical tools. Kirby is lying on his back, seemingly lifeless, eyes wide open, not breathing.

FTW: K-Kirby?...

Kirby looks at FTW in response

FTW: I-is he ok?
Empress: He is in an immense amount of pain right now… He is very much alive though. Looks like Fool was right.
FTW: What did you do to him?
Fool: We inserted the EXO node directly into his cervical.-
Empress: The neck area of the spine.
Fool: It then started to expand, replacing his entire skeletal structure.
Empress: His entire skeleton was basically being replaced as it was being destroyed.
Fool: His body is currently trying to reject the EXO node. So until his body finally accepts it…
FTW: How long will he be like this?
Empress: We don’t know… He’s the first to have this reaction to the EXO node…

Kirby starts to breath again and immediately jumps to his feet, then starts to look at his hands.

Kirby: Th-this feels… Amazing… The pain just suddenly went away and…
Fool: You feel, somehow, a lot more powerful.
Kirby: Oh, hell yeah I do!
Fool: Let’s test it out then.

Outside, Fool throws a surprise punch at Kirby. Kirby blocks the punch but the impact is so powerful, it can be seen and leaves a hole in the building behind him. Kirby is completely fine.

Kirby: Holy shit…
Empress: It’s nice to finally meet you, Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse.
Kirby: *speechless*
FTW: Who are you supposed to be Kirby?
Kirby: Death…
FTW: Dude thats badass…
Kirby: Oh really War?
FTW: War?
Kirby: You’ll see what I mean when you’re done.

All 4 go back inside

FTW: … Can I pass?
Kirby: I have morphine.
FTW: Did you use some?
Empress: Yes, he did, but it only helped a little. You shouldn't feel anything during the installation process.
Kirby: Believe me, thats the most painful part…
Empress: Kirby, you can-
Kirby: I’m not that squeamish…
Fool: Very well…

Fool and Empress give FTW some morphine and start to cut into him.

Fool: Since you’re able to listen to us, if you’re the horseman we think you are, you may experience some mood swings and will start to feel the pain once you’re asleep.
FTW: …
Kirby: Dude, you probably won’t even remember feeling the pain…
FTW: Yea, but…
Kirby: Will this take as long as mine did?
Empress: No, we had to hold you down for it to install…
Kirby: Meh…
Fool: Hey, I don’t blame you…
Kirby: Yeah, yeah…

Empress and Fool finish the installation process and start to clean up.

FTW: Aren’t you gonna stitch it up?

Kirby turns around and shows a part of his back is reinforced with alloy.

FTW: Oh…
Fool: Its more like a brand really…
Empress: A very shield-like brand.
Kirby: You can’t even tell its there.
FTW: Don’t lie to me…
Kirby: I swear dude, you don’t even notice… *to Fool* That was fast…
Fool: Mhm…
Kirby: So how long do these last before it kills us or somthing?
Empress: It won’t…
FTW: Pardon?
Empress: It doesn’t affect lifespan. The only way your augments could be harmful to you is if they killed you as early as the installation process.
FTW: So we are…
Kirby: Augmented humans… We’re cyborgs now…
Fool: More human actually. You two have technology that was meant to be mass produced with lesser properties, but you can see how it probably would never work…
FTW: That’s stupid…
Kirby: Maybe you should get some rest…
FTW: You should get some rest.
Kirby: …
FTW: WHAT?!... Oh… sh*t, sorry… I guess I should get some sleep…*leaves the room*
Empress: He’s right too, in a sense, we should all take a break after what we’ve been through.
Kirby: So I guess I should get some sleep too huh?
Fool: If you want to. You’re the only horseman that’s battle ready directly after installation.
Kirby: So FTW gets to feel the pain I did in his sleep?
Fool: Yea, so he shouldn’t remember being in pain.
Kirby: Lucky… Well, I’m gonna go for a walk. Get used to the new skeleton, ya know?
Fool: That’s a good idea.

As Kirby walks outside, he runs into Keyan

Kirby: Oh, hey Keyan, where have you been?
Keyan: I was just out grabbing food. I heard you screaming before I left, are you ok? What happened?
Kirby: I’m fine, I was just trying to get a bullet out.
Keyan: You should use some painkillers next time…
Kirby: Duly noted.
Keyan: So where are you headed?
Kirby: Just going for a walk.
Keyan: Alright, be careful out there.

As Kirby leaves the plaza, he sees the same shadowy figure again. She leaves without noticing him, so he decides to follow her.

My character has basically been separated from the group again. Just continue the story without him, but leave a few key details so I can link him back again.
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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyTue Jan 20, 2015 10:16 pm

Separate from the main group

Hermit: *while next to a zombie that is calm and chained* I guess I never really knew how to deal with other people as easily as my own kin. To be honest, you are the only friend I ever made.
Zombie: *moans*
Hermit: I really should look into new software or something. *hears a sound* Who's there?!
???: I don't believe my eyes.
Hermit: Boy is this a surprise to hear this voice. Hanged Man, is that you?
Hanged: It sure is.
Hermit: you never did find any replacement flesh for your lower jaw did you. Or... your hands for that matter?
Hanged: Yeah, I figured I should stop caring because I'm practically indestructible. I also brought a friend along.
???: good to see you again Hermit.
Hermit: Sun?! My goodness I'd never think I would see you again. And Chariot too?!
Chariot: It is always better to find strength in numbers.
Sun: Have you seen Fool around?
Hermit: Not recently but we have spoken before. Why do you ask?
Hanged: You mean you don't know?
Hermit: What?
Chariot: It comes time to choose sides. We are going with Fool and his quest to save the humans. Are you in?
Hermit: I-I don't know guys. Sure Fool has always been a brother to me, but Magician is getting his powerhouse crew together.
Sun: To be specific he has Justice, Judgment, Strength, Tower, Hierophant, Emperor, Star, and Wheel of Fortune.
Hermit: You know, I'm starting to see why I'm the Hermit when my own family makes me want to face palm so badly.
Chariot: Come on, we just have to find Fool, and whoever else in the Tarot who hasn't been found by Magician. He may have the powerhouse guys but the ones that still matter are up for grabs.
Hermit: *sighs* Alright, let's go find him.
Sun: *squees with delight*
Hermit: Why do you have to be so much like an adorable little girl?

Back with the group

Keyan: *hears a sound* What was that?
Empress: What are you talking about?
Keyan: It sound like there's someone else here.
Empress: It's probably a squirrel or something.
Keyan: *pulls out a high powered pistol* I'm not taking my chances.

Keyan waits until he hears the stepping of a twig in a bush and then unloads his magazine into it waking everyone up.

Sam: *waking up* What the heck?
Keyan: I told you?!
Empress: You're lucky that FTW has earplugs on this time.
Fool: *walking to the bush with his HAND-gun ready* Let's see what you shot.
Hanged: FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS GOOD AND DANDY! Who the hell just shot me?!
Fool and Empress: Hanged Man?!

Hanged Man comes out of the bush causing the two humans to drop their jaws upon seeing him

Hanged Man: Bloody hell, good thing we found the both of you love birds.
Empress: *hugs Hanged* I can't believe we found you.
Hermit: Some welcome committee.
Fool: Hey bro.
Hermit: Hey man, what's up.
Fool: I got my memory back.
Hermit: Shocked
Sun: Well that explains a few things.
Fool: Hey, Sun? Chariot? Jeez it's pretty good to run into you guys.
Chariot: Well, we just couldn't stay away from you for long, we just got bored real quickly.
Empress: Group hug *everyone squeezes each other around Hermit*
Hermit: Guys... my personal space bubble... Your breaking it!
Keyan: Well this is all good I assume but do you guys do this all the time?
Fool: It's a robot family thing. I'm sure you remember this type of thing fondly?
Sam: *looking to Keyan* He does have us on this. Why don't we all just go back to sleep.
Hermit: I like this guy's plan.

Meanwhile with the Magician

Strength: Wheelman tell news.
Wheel of Fortune: It's a bit harder to tell you big buddy. It's not as easy as it looks.
Magician: What's the problem?
Wheel: Well, you are looking for something that is not human?
Magician: Yes, now what's the- *facepalms* FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF******************!!!
Strength: How magic man do that?
Magician: Not now Strength, *heavy sigh* now what?
Wheel: We need the High Priestess.
Magician: Could you look for her specifically?
Wheel: Not really. But I think I have a vague idea of where she went after the company abandon us.
Magician: Does it involve killing more of these meat bags?
Wheel: *smiles evilly* What do you think?
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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyThu Jan 22, 2015 12:02 am

Meanwhile with Kirby...

Kirby tails the girl until he reaches a well hidden fortified area in a corner of the city. Kirby is able to remember who the shadowy figure is. It’s an old friend of Isabelle, Sarah. Rather than confront Sarah, Kirby stays back.

Guard: Were you followed?
Sarah: No, I made sure of it.
Guard: So what happened with the firefight at the plaza?
Sarah: It went on for about 5 hours until a random group showed up and one guy took out all of the bandits with a revolver all old western style. The scarier thing is, he was a bandit too and I think he saw me.
Guard: What did he do?
Sarah: Nothing… He kinda looked like someone I knew though…
Guard: Anything else?
Sarah: Well, One of the group members sounded like he was being tortured for 3 hours straight after the fight. Then a small earthquake happened. That’s about it.
Guard: Alright, I’ll tell Riley. Come on in.

As Sarah enters the fortress, Kirby looks for a point of access.

Kirby: Hmm… I need a way inside… I don’t have anything on me but my revolver, a syringe and some EXT in a vial, my knife, and… *looks at grappling hook* Oh hey, I forgot I still carried this.

Kirby uses his grappling hook to climb onto a sniper tower. Nobody is in the tower, but there are two guards nearby. Kirby reaches for his gun then stops after seeing the guard’s families nearby. Kirby then realizes this fortress was made to protect people against bandit attacks, so he jumps off the tower into a trash container.

Guard 1: You hear that?
Guard 2: Probably a cat or something.

The two guards go back to the sniper tower. Kirby comes out of the trash container and sticks to the shadows and explores a bit.

Survivor 1: So did you hear about the recent Sting attacks?
Survivor 2: No, what are they up to now?
Survivor 1: I heard from one of the scouts that there was a small group of them in a firefight at the plaza.
Survivor 2: And?
Survivor 1: I don’t know, they just seem to attack anyone they see…
Survivor 2: I’m waiting to see if they’re actually preparing to strike here…
Survivor 1: I’m sure they won’t even get past the wall.
Survivor 2: Don’t get cocky. Remember, these guys leave nothing but ruin in their wake…
Survivor 1: Anybody can with the right kind of firepower.

Kirby leaves before listening to the rest of the conversation.

Kirby: Hmm… This looks like the perfect place for Keyan and Sam to hide. I can’t leave the same way I came in though… There has to be another way out besides the fr-

Kirby looks behind him and sees a little girl looking straight at him.

Girl: Kirby?
Kirby: … Elise?
Julia: There you are, I’ve been looking everywhere for yo-... Elise, stay away from that man.
Elise: But mom-
Julia: Elise, listen to me, he’s not a nice person-
Elise: But he was nice when we left home…
Julia: What are you talking about?
Elise: It’s Kirby.
Julia: Kirby?
Kirby: I assume you and your family are doing well here…
Julia: Kirby, why are you dressed like that? Do you know what they do to bandits here?
Kirby: No, but I don’t think we should be talking either. I’m a bandit too…
Guard: You find your kid yet?
Kirby: Great… Listen to me, you have to cry for help. After you do, deny that you ever knew me.
Julia: But-
Kirby: Just do it!

Julia screams and Kirby immediately runs out and starts being chased by multiple guards. A while after, Kirby is surrounded.

Kirby: *hands in the air* Alright, fine, I give up.
Guard: What are you? Sting? How’d you get in here? What have you done?
???: Everything’s been accounted for… So you just wandered in here huh?
Guard: M-miss Riley…
Riley: What exactly did you intend to do here?
Kirby: I was curious…
Riley: This place isn’t exactly the easiest place to find…
Kirby: I followed someone.
Riley: Are you alone?
Kirby: Yeah…
Riley: *looks at Kirby’s revolver*Do you know anything about the plaza firefight?
Kirby: There was about 10 bandits there if I counted correctly.
Riley: Sarah…
Sarah: Y-yeah?
Riley: Is this the bandit that spotted you?
Sarah: …
Riley: … It’s ok. Be grateful that he didn’t decide to kill you. Now,*to Kirby* I’m willing to make a deal.
Kirby: With a bandit? Why would you trust me?
Riley: You managed to access our fortress undetected, and yet, you haven’t taken anything or harmed anyone. I see no reason why I shouldn’t.
Kirby: I’m listening…
Riley: If you can survive our arena, we will set you free.
Kirby: What are my conditions?
Riley: You go in unarmed. You will get everything back if you can make it.
Kirby: Alright, deal.

The crowd gasps

Riley: Now I’m curious. Escort him to his cell.

Before Kirby is launched into battle...

Sarah: You ready?
Kirby: More or less…
Sarah: Alright…*lets Kirby out of his cell and starts escorting him towards the arena* Hey, what’s your name?
Kirby: Kirby. It’s nice to see you again Sarah.
Sarah: Wait, you’re alive?
Kirby: Well, obviously, I'm standing right in front of you.
Sarah: Listen, I don’t have much time to tell you this, she’s here. You’ll see her in the arena if you live long enough.
Kirby: C’mon, not the pronoun game…

Kirby is tossed into a baseball field and the doors shut behind them. There is a huge crowd roaring in the stands.

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen. Now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The bandit that accepted a challenge from Riley herself, who also happens to be with us on this very event. Will the bandit survive? Or will he die begging for his life? Let the slaughter begin!

The first wave is a single zombie.

Kirby: This better be a joke…

Kirby knocks the zombie down and crushes its head.

Announcer: Ah, so he knows how to kill with his bare hands? Good. Send in the rest of the wave.

3 more zombies are sent out. Kirby finds a gun barrel on the ground, he stabs the first zombie in the head and kills the second by slamming its head against the first. The last one has its head ripped off. The crowd gets louder.

Announcer: HOLY SH*T, THAT WAS A FULL ON HEAD RIP!!! This bandit doesn’t look like he’s going down anytime soon. Let’s see how well he does against a smarter type of zombie. Send in the next wave!

The next wave consists of 4 rampants, each holding a different kind of melee weapon. The first has a knife and lunges at Kirby. He disarms the rampant and stabs it in the back of the neck. The second has a pipe and swings, but Kirby ducks it and stabs it under the chin. The third one doesn’t even get to swing before its forehead is impaled. Kirby throws the knife at the last one and hits it in between the eyes. The crowd is deafening.

Announcer: I barely even saw that… Looks like zombies won’t be enough to take this one out. Let’s see if he can keep his cool with a barrel aimed at him. Send in the last wave!

Kirby took a hint and grabs both the knife and the pipe and waits. The next wave was 4 bandits, but the one with a handgun had the knife thrown at him. The rest scatter and the one with a sawed off flat out charges at Kirby. He tries to shoot him, but Kirby decides to throw the pipe to distract him. He then disarms the bandit and uses the last shell on his head, then he picks up the pistol. The one with the uzi tries to spray Kirby from a distance and ends up taking a bullet to the head. The last one runs out of ammo and picks up the pipe. Kirby’s there to greet him with 3 bullets to the chest. The crowd is louder than ever.

Announcer: I can’t believe it! 4 armed bandits?! If that doesn’t impress, then I don’t know what will.
Riley: Send her in…
Announcer: B-but, the crowd loves this one. Are you sure you want t-
Riley: I said, send her in.
Announcer: … Alright… We’re sorry to say this but, it looks like we won’t be able to keep this bandit for long. All we can do now is see how long he lasts. Send in Vendetta!

Kirby grabs the pipe and waits, but drops it when he sees Vendetta. Bloodstained in chains and ragged clothing, is a rampant girl about a year younger than Kirby who has pale white skin with medium long white hair and has two different eye colors, yellow and green, both of which are bloodshot from rampancy. As soon as the caretaker unchains Vendetta and runs, she immediately charges at Kirby. She first throws a swing, but doesn’t follow through. Kirby doesn’t budge. The next 3 do but the 4th one doesn’t and Kirby is able to see through them all. Next is just a barrage of random swings and kicks in which Kirby is forced to dodge until he fakes a swing and blocks her counter. The crowd grows silent. For the next 5 minutes is just a volley of changed tactics in hand to hand combat until Kirby finally grabs Vendetta from behind who replies with a slight squee. Vendetta breaks free of Kirby’s grab and starts to tear up.

Vendetta: How the hell do you know how to do that?! Who are you!?
Kirby: I-it really is you…
Vendetta: ANSWER ME!
Kirby: *Tearing up, he takes off his bandana mask and smiles* Isabelle, you’re alive.
Isabelle: K-Kirby?! Oh my god, Kirby! *runs over and hugs Kirby crying tears of joy* I thought I lost you…
Kirby: I couldn’t sleep anymore after what happened… I swear to god, I won’t let anything like that ever happen to you again.

Kirby and Isabelle kiss. The crowd is giving mixed responses ranging from being brought to tears by the heartfelt reunion to being outraged by the lack of violence.

Announcer: Th-this is incredible! The bandit has not only survived Vendetta’s wrath but has tamed her rage as well! The impossible has been done, somebody has survived the one that was saved by Riley herself. The bandit has survived Vendetta!

The crowd cheers in amazement.

Riley:*takes the microphone* I thought the way you fought looked similar to Vendetta’s style. So you must be Kirby, back from the grave. I would like to have a word with you after you grab your stuff. You can bring Vendetta too if you want to. Think of her as your mark of honor.*gives the mic back*

While Kirby is getting his stuff back…

Guard: Sh*t man, you’re probably the most hardcore motherf*cker I've ever come to meet.
Kirby: Well, I do what I have to if I want to survive.

Isabelle comes out of a locker room cleaned up and freshly dressed with a utility belt, blue jeans, a black hoodie, and a grey beanie.

Kirby: Alright, now hold still…

Kirby injects a dose of EXT into Isabelle. Her condition improves visibly and her eyes are no longer bloodshot.

Isabelle: *sigh of relief* It’s nice to have a clear head again.
Guard: Well, we shouldn’t keep Riley waiting for too long.
Kirby: Lead the way.

At the entrance…

Riley: *hands Isabelle a modified HT (Handheld Transceiver A.K.A a walkie talkie)* Remember, we’re here if you ever need a place to stay or need help.
Guard: *hands Isabelle a handgun and some extra mags* I don’t need to tell you what that’s for.
Isabelle: Thank you so much.
Sarah: I’m really gonna miss having you around.
Isabelle: *hugs Sarah* I’ll miss you too.
Riley: Make sure you protect her Kirby.
Kirby: I’ll die if I have to. As long as she’s safe, you have my word.
Isabelle: *hugs Riley* Thank you, for everything.
Riley: *smiles* Now go.

Kirby and Isabelle leave the fortress.

Isabelle: So where do we go now?
Kirby: *putting on bandana mask* Meet up with FTW and the others.
Isabelle: FTW’s alive too? How’s he doing?
Kirby: Still weird as always.
Isabelle: *sees the reinforced alloy on the back of Kirby’s neck* What’s that?
Kirby: A lot of things have happened since we’ve been apart. Things you may have a hard time believing…

This thing was 6 pages long!!! I LOVE IT!!! Anyways, FTW may want to wake up. If you're gonna do anything major, like move due to a firefight, make sure I have a way to link back to you guys. My next few posts will be about my character trying to get back to the group. bounce
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@KirbyDude I am actually quitting the rp for a bit as I am not able to post as much with school, tennis, and the occasional weekend practice. I will be back in a while, but for now.

Farewell. 2015-01-22

bounce ForTheWin
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(Alright, I guess I'll try to go from here)

The group was now preparing to travel as FTW is still asleep, but writhing in pain

Hermit: So where do you suppose the high priestess is going to be?
Fool: Hell if I know.
Hermit: And, what about these guys? They can't keep following us for long.
Fool: Look, these humans mean a lot to me since they helped get my memory back. I owe them something in return. It's the least I can do.

Hanged Man suddenly rushes in panting with the lack of breath.

Fool: Well are you going to just breath on us or tell us something?
Hanged: Bandits *pant* never seen them before *pant* must be some new guys.
Hermit: What should we do?
Fool: How many do you think there are?
Hanged: *raises finger to catch breath* there looks to be a couple hundred wearing some kind of red uniforms and heavy armor.
Chariot: Company security?! They must have learned of our awakening!
Fool: Alright, you guys get out of here and find Kirby, Hanged Man and I will by you some time and join you later on.
Sun: Is there anything else we can do to help?
Fool: No, you have to help them with any wounds. Chariot, until you find Kirby, you are in charge. Make sure that FTW and Empress are okay.
Chariot: You have my word. *presses fist against chest*
Fool: Good luck you guys. *leaves with Hanged Man*
Empress: Will he be alright?
Sun: the dude survived a nuke, I'm sure he'll be fine.

Fool and Hanged Man find the encampment of the shady company's private army at the center of the valley surrounded by a few re-killed zombies.

Fool: Alright, any ideas?
Hanged: Nope, my only strategy was to run and gun the place.
Fool: *noticing the supply train coming by* I got an idea.
Hanged: Nothing to it aye Lawrence?
Fool: Hey, I'm supposed to be the joker, but that is a good idea.

Fool and Hanged Man sneak up as the train pulled to a stop by the camp. As they set up explosives by the tracks, the commander clad in red camo was busy talking to the corporation members via video screen.

Commander: No ma'am, we have not found the Empress upon checking the downed facility. There was evidence of bandit activity and a struggle between them, the zombie scientists, and something else.
Company Woman: Well, I don't pay you to tell me these things while you are eating valuble resources needed for public survival. The dome lands aren't going to supply themselves for long.
Commander: Look, the only reason you hired me was because you needed someone to head your army so you can do your hippie bull. I'm doing the best I can.
???: Actually, we hired you because you had no hope of ever joining the military after you lost several of their experimental super soldiers.
Commander: And who the hell are you to talk to me like that?
???: If you would have known better you would have known me as Aron Shackle, the man who pays you. I suggest you start taking this job seriously and find the Empress and eliminate the Magician.
Commander: Well we don't know what the two look like.
Shackle: The Empress is a girl that has healing powers and the Magician has the ability to do the opposite, you do the math Commander before we do it for you in the form of salary. *turns off screen*
Commander: *to a soldier near him* go prepare the troops for transport.

An explosion on the train set off several of the rockets and gas cans it contained.

Commander: Scratch that, start finding whoever did this! Now!

As the base scrambles to find the demo team, Fool and Hanged Man were already running off laughing as they left the camp.

Magician: *watching from a hilltop* There's my old enemy. I was wondering when I'd find you again.
Wheel: My lord, do you wish to chase them?
Magician: No, just send Hierophant.
Strength: Fish man?
Magician: In theory, they eventually have to find water... it won't be long before he finds them.
???: My lord, what of these... flesh bags?
Magician: Moon, kill them all. And yes, let the survivors run so they can tell them of our presence.
Moon: With pleasure my lord.

Moon howls out as several other humanoids of varying sizes begin rushing towards the camp.

Magician: I have a feeling that the Fool has some other friends that he made, we must find the High Priestess before confronting them.
Wheel: I will begin the search again to get the precise location sir.

(that's all I got for now)
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PostSubject: Re: Last Stand RP (Classic Split)   Last Stand RP (Classic Split) EmptyThu Jan 29, 2015 1:36 pm

(First things first, this might be one of the last times I post on the forum until February, also I would like to say thanks for the creativity we have gotten in the roleplay. And yes I do think some moments were over the top such as having so much fiction that it doesn't even relate to the scenario of the gloomy zombie infested story. For now, enjoy.)

FTW: *wakes up*
FTW: Well memory is blank as a printed sheet of paper.

FTW gets up on his feet.

FTW: Where is the exit to this place.

FTW begins to walk around the area.

FTW: Some good old exit doors.
FTW: I'm gonna go.
FTW: I mean Fool got Empress, Kirby, well hell do I know is gone.
FTW: There hasn't been a goal for me, atleast one for me to set.

FTW exits the building.

FTW: I wonder how I even ended up here, how long was I asleep for?
FTW: Clearly I know what I have to do.
FTW: Before any of this even happened, I was on my way to my families graves.
FTW: *pulls out a map*
FTW: I need to head 50 miles north.
FTW: To the crew *holds up pistol* farewell.

FTW begins to walk off into the distance as the night rises and the sun sets. A horde of zombie begin to rush him on both sides.

Yeaaaahh, that wasnt very intense or cool. It was mainly a simple farewell with a cliffhanger. (Do not continue for me or continue the cliffhanger, I will get back to it in February.) as for now this roleplay has come a long way and I really do appreciate the effort that the rpers have put into the storyline. Again don't get too crazy like *pulls out rocket launchers and shoots nuke from his arm as he flies toward the other planet that is about to explode from a cyber zombie* or *shoots every zombie in the area within seconds with only 1 bullet*.

-Farewell ForTheWin No

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Last Stand RP (Classic Split)
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