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 Smashcast Startup

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PostSubject: Smashcast Startup   Smashcast Startup EmptyMon Mar 23, 2015 11:07 am I am back.

I wanted to talk about a little thing that I will try to do with KD and Mega (if he ever wants to or cn as he is pretty busy). It is a podcast with Hangouts on Air where we will talk about most things smash brothers while we do funny things on the side. Its not so bad if you come we will even answer some of your questions about smash or sometimes other things.

Now none of us are able to show live gameplay as none of us have a capture card. We will show you things on youtube, reddit, and other sites for a better feel of what where talking about. We also will give full credit to the owners of the post and videos.

Dont be so harsh if we ever start this up.

Now we will mainly do these on the weekend or whenever we feel like it. I (mode) will also try to upload these podcast to youtube myself. (Note 2 Self: Put YT Channel name here after creation)

Some other days we might do challenges where we watch horrible...horribly...made videos such as SammyClassicSonicFan, and other kids raging about notorious shit. Timstarz04 also has a series where they watch movies and commentate over it, we might do the same. (somehow)

Now remember that this might now even happen and that this is just detail for if we ever do, so dont get your hopes up as they might not want to do it.

For now I a back and bla.......nevermind.
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Smashcast Startup
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