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 The Hall of Fame

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PostSubject: The Hall of Fame   The Hall of Fame EmptyWed Jul 06, 2016 11:08 am

mode here! This thread shall be used for any "golden" moment that has occurred on the forums.

To start things off, lets begin with the Forum's creation. The Town of Respite wasn't the first forum we have ran, I began the idea of a forum by starting "The Round Table Talk". It was basically an alpha of this site, and was ran to the ground as I barely posted on it, and made everyone post on it like a job lmao :^)

I eventually deleted everything they posted (o~o)

After basically making @Megaultrasonic and @KirbyDude post 2 times a day out of their own will, Kirby made this forum, and we all agreed to post on here out of interest.


The Last Stand RP

When Kirby announced to us the arrival of the roleplay section on the forums, me and Mega shrugged at it. I thought I might as well give it a shot and create a RP that others could join in by leading off of the story themselves, with a set amount of rules.

Holy shit was it fun, I remember being at school, yes school, adding on to the story we have developed during my spare time.

Going back and forth with members of the forums, the RP slowly began to get out of hand. See, I originally wanted it to be something along the lines of DayZ, and just that, nothing added to spice things up.

.....if you look further into the RP you will find robots fighting robots, fucking invincible characters, and more.

This lead me to make the "Whats going to happen to the Last Stand RP post". Where I ranted about the out of hand placement of the RP. Going back and forth me and Kirby decided to split the RP. I dont even know why I was mad lol.



A handful of the Staff went on a live google hangouts where we discussed topics, played smash, and did stupid shit. And it all went on youtube....

We made 2 podcast, and looking back on it, it sucked. Each one was an hour long.


FTW, wtf, and mode

I change my name a lot. I had 3 name changes on my original account, until I didnt have email verification on FTW/wtf/mode, causing me to make a new account for the forums. I told Kirby about this, and right as I made the new account, he added my new email to the old one, once he deleted the old one, my new one had some problems being registered.

I am now known as the mighty mode!


The Town of Respite (Intro video)

I dont know if it is still out there, but Mega was at my house one day, and I recorded a video showing off the forums, with his real name in the video.

I recorded it with my shitty school chromebook, and a shitty screen cap software.


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The Hall of Fame
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