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PostSubject: Welcome to Respite   Welcome to Respite EmptySat Nov 22, 2014 3:08 pm

*Ahem* The introduction video FTW made was deleted, so give me a sec to think...uhh...

Just like the title says, Welcome to respite. This place is a pretty small community that I'm hoping will grow in due time. This is the news section of the round table which tells you what's going on, like plans for updates or a system repair. This place is sort of an upgrade on an older site that moderator FTW made a while back (it was called The Round Table Talk) until he basically broke it by turning it into a chat that didn't work (and yes, he did delete all of the content we may have posted prior). So I decided to make my own forum using the same program he did and here it is. Although there is no age requirement to be on the site, I can't say this place is "Kid friendly" since we do tolerate vulgar language and mildly explicit content, but it's safe for work. I can't say the place is understaffed since the only people who are here at the time I'm writing this are staff members, but if we somehow managed to get a crowd to join, remember, we have our own lives too and we might not be around all of the time.

So, again, welcome and I hope you enjoy looking around and, if you haven't already, join us and become a member.


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Welcome to Respite
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