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PostSubject: Runaway Kyubey   Runaway Kyubey EmptyTue Jul 05, 2016 4:32 pm


*: Ok… so tell us again what happened?
**: I was just at the park with him, got some icecream, and then came back here.
***: With a random white cat…?
**: Well it looked like him.
***: First off, he isn’t a cat. Second off, he has a RED FUCKING RING ON HIS BACK!!!
*: Calm down Panda, this isn’t the first time Gamma’s gone missing.
Panda: Why does Shadow have to be the one that takes care of him? 90% of the time, he just abuses him…
Shadow: Because 90% of the time, he deserves it…
Panda: Daze, can I slap him?
Daze: You can try, but he’ll probably phaze into the wall again like he did last time.

*Panda tries and ends up slapping the wall

Panda: Oww… Fucking heartless bastard…
Shadow: Hey, that’s racist...
Daze: That’s probably not what she implied...
Shadow: … AAAANYWAYS… About finding our little shi- i mean, friend…
Daze: First, we go to the last place you remember him being at, and search around the area. If the pound hasn’t already mistaken him as a stray, or if some random kid didn’t decide to adopt him, he should still be around there.
Shadow: Why would anybody decide to adopt that demon?
Panda: Are you kidding? He looks adorable…
Shadow: Yea, and he steals your soul…
Panda: All the more reason to find him.
Shadow: Yeah, because we care about the people, not him…

*Panda backhands Shadow

Shadow: Worth.

PARK (Gamma alone)

*Gamma is just waking up

Gamma: I’ve got to stop playing hide and seek with shade… speaking of which…

*Gamma looks around

Gamma: Well shit…

*Gamma wanders away from the park just as the group shows up

Shadow: He was asleep right here when I left…
Panda: If you know he was sleeping right here the whole time, why did you bring another random cat instead of him!?!?
Shadow: I wanted to try something new.
Daze: Well he couldn’t have wandered off too far, let’s start looking.

*As the group is looking around, Panda notices animal control taking something that looks like a light grey cat and leaving immediately

Panda: *panicked* GUYS THE POUND TOOK HIM!!!
Daze: Ok, ok, calm down. Are you sure it wa-
Panda: It was a grey cat-looking thing! They took him, th-they-
Daze: *sigh* It’s ok, it’s ok…
Panda: No it’s not! If we don’t get him soon, they’ll figure out he’s not some stray cat, then they’ll cut him open or-
Shadow: Gonna stop you there. No lie, worst case scenario, he kills everyone in the building.
Daze: I have to agree with Shadow on this one, if we really want to worry about anything, it’s the fact we don’t know where he’s gonna be and we might not be able to stop him if he becomes aggressive. Where did you see the van headed?

*Panda leads the group in the direction the animal control van was headed while Gamma comes out of a nearby trash can when they are out of sight

Gamma: looks like someone is really worried about their cat… Meh.

*Gamma now starts to wander around the city alone

Chapter 1: Lost pet


*Gamma wakes up in an unfamiliar house and tries to stand up, but as he stands, he throws up some blood and staggers like how he usually does. Somebody walks in because of the sound and then just stands there horrified.

*: What… The fuck? You’re in worse shape than I thought…
*Gamma stands up straight and tries licking up his blood
*: OK, NONONONONO!!! *pushes Gamma aside* T-that’s actually fucking disgusting...

*Gamma gives the person a blank stare then goes back to licking up his own blood again

*: *picks Gamma up* Ok, so you’re not just some ordinary cat that was altered… So what the hell are you?...
Gamma: Well obviously not a fucking cat…
*: GAH! *throws Gamma across the room*

*Gamma hits the wall, making a squeaky toy sound, then lands on the couch

Gamma: Good throw…

*The person just stands there dumbstruck

*: Y-you can talk?
Gamma: No, there’s a tiny radio that you can't see nearby and I’m lip syncing so well that it looks like I can speak. Yes, I can talk.
*: Hmm, cool!
Gamma: … Ok, so you take me in thinking I was some mutated cat, freak out when I try to recover some lost blood, and then proceed to throw me against the wall when I talk, and all you can say is “cool”?
*: Yea.
Gamma: Ok, first off, who the hell are you?
*: Hang on, I’m still kinda confused on how you’re talking.
Gamma: Honestly, even if I was a mutated cat, me talking is the weirdest part of it all?
*: Not really, hell you did some pretty disgusting shit awhile ago. I mean, talking isn't that strange, I'm just baffled on how I stumbled upon something that isn't a normal creature.
Gamma: … touche.
*: Well, since you CAN talk, do you have a name?
Gamma: It’s Gamma now.
*: Now? What was wrong with you’re older one?
Gamma: I don’t like talking about it…
*: Well it can’t be tha-
Gamma: I’m the last surviving entity of my species, not only that, I would be considered defective if they still existed.
*: …
Gamma: Anyways, what’s your name?
Kumba: Kumba, the “b” is silent.
Gamma: So it’s spelled like Koom-bah?
Kumba: Yeah, you just don’t pronounce the “b”
Gamma: Hmm… Mkay. *looks out a window* What time is it?
Kumba: Uhhh… 12:30 I think. *checks* Yeah 12:30.
Gamma: Fuck…
Kumba: What’s wrong?
Gamma: Well, this means that the group I was with would have already left…
Kumba: I’m pretty sure they’ll wait for you.
Gamma: No, you don’t understand, we don’t live in houses, we live in rifts between time and space. The only reason they’d stay is if we still had something to do here, and we were pressed for time to leave here.
Kumba: Maybe they’ll come back?
Gamma: Probably. But this also means I’m homeless and stranded here until they get back… or...
Kumba: Or?...
Gamma: Or I look for them myself…
Kumba: how do you plan to do that?
Gamma: well, although it requires a giant flux of energy, I’m able to create a rift in dimensions like how Daze does, but…
Kumba: But?
Gamma: I’ll have no idea where I’d end up. It could range from a harmless parallel world, to a world at its rapture, to a dystopian utopia. Not only that, I’ll be exhausted by the end of every jump.
Kumba: … I’ll help you.
Gamma: Wh- no! Didn’t you hear what i just said?
Kumba: More of a reason why i should come. I’m not exactly normal either.
Gamma: Oh?

*Kumba goes over to the pool of blood, turns it into a solid state of carbon and then into a small blanket and wraps Gamma in it.

Gamma: Material manipulation?
Kumba: More than that. Manipulation of matter in general.
Gamma: You’re an alchemist?
Kumba: Sorta, it’s kinda hard to practice without attracting attention.
Gamma: Well, even so, wouldn’t people find it odd if you suddenly disappeared? Surely, there would be SOMEBODY that would care enough to notice.
Kumba: No…
Gamma: Seriously? I dou-
Kumba: The last person who would have noticed-...

*Kumba is looking down at the ground with a solemn face. Gamma can tell he’s holding back his tears

Gamma: … Fine. You’ve managed to convince me, but we still have to do a few things before we leave.
Kumba: What?

*Gamma falls over asleep

Kumba: … Hm… Good point.

Chapter 2: Runaway Kyubey


*Gamma is woken up to the smell of food, there is a plate with a fried fish on it right in front of him

Gamma: Uhh…
Kumba: *walking in* What? I wasn’t sure what you were able to eat, since I still have no clue as to what you are, so I decided to get you something that looked appropria-
Gamma: It’s because I still look like some sort of cat…
Kumba: Y-yeah…

*Gamma starts to eat the fish

Gamma: *muffled* Well, if you really want to know, I can practically eat anything as long as it’s edible. So, if you can’t eat it, I probably can’t either. *still muffled* There are some exceptions though.
Kumba: Like?
Gamma: *inaudible*
Kumba: What?
Gamma: *gulp* I can eat some things that could be considered poisonous or impossible to obtain, like leaves, grass, or pure energy.
Kumba: Pure energy? Like sunlight?
Gamma: No, more like souls.
Kumba: Uhh…
Gamma: Yeah, I’ve found some pretty cool substitutes to food too.
Kumba: TO- WAIT, HOLD UP! Are you saying that you USED to eat SOULS!?!
Gamma: Uhhh, kinda. It was more or less used as an energy source if anything. Don’t worry, I haven’t taken any recently nor have I needed to. Plus acquisition of most uncorrupt souls are almost always consensual.
Kumba: What, are you like the fucking devil or something?
Gamma: Funny, I tend to get that alot from beings that can recognize what I am.
Kumba: What the hell have I gotten myself into?...
Gamma: I never said you HAD to come.
Kumba: No, I’m still going.
Gamma: Right. Besides, I don’t think I’m quite ready to obtain another candidate since…

*Gamma suddenly looks distraught and goes silent

Kumba: Hey, one problem at a time.
Gamma: Right… So how soon do you want to leave?
Kumba: Huh?
Gamma: Well, you fed me, so I should be strong enough to rip a hole in timespace now. If there’s something you want to do before we leave, do it now.

*Kumba grabs a box covered in dust. He brushes it off with his hand, opens it and pulls out a dual edged silver dagger and it’s leather sheath. He nods at Gamma and they both walk outside. Nobody can be seen nearby. Gamma starts to focus and the ground around him starts to shake and wind begins to pick up. Electrical currents can be seen flowing around his body until, in an instant, a bolt of lightning is shot from him upwards and flows back down in reverse, moving in front of him. Just before it hits the ground, a flash of blinding light is emitted from it. Once the light dies down, floating in front of the two is a formation that looks like a tear in the reality of perception from all directions, emitting a light similar to a cracked open door, rippling the appearance of its surroundings as if it were in water.

Gamma: Ready? I have no idea where this will lead us. If you still want to turn back, now’s your last chance. Otherwise, there’s no turning back beyond this point.

*Kumba grips the hilt of his dagger harder as he nods confidently. They both walk through the light and the rift engulfs them. Then it disappears, leaving no trace it was ever there.


Before departure

Daze: Ok, so we’ve checked every pound, shelter, and landfill in the area and still no Gamma… Unless we check every trashcan, house, or building roof in the city, I’m pretty sure we’ve officially lost him with no clue as to where he could be… Again…

*Shadow is lounging on a nearby bench with Panda angrily looming around him

Shadow: Eh, I wouldn’t worry so much. I’m sure he’ll show up eventually.
Panda: What are you talking about?! He could be in trouble!
Shadow: What the dissection thing?
Panda: He’s probably scared out of his mind…
Daze: We really need to leave him with you alot more…
Shadow: First off, with the shit he’s been through, I’d be surprised if ANYTHING scares him at all. Second, if he WAS being cut open, we would know.
Panda: What? They’d report him as a new discovery on the news?
Shadow: No, they’d report the city spontaneously combusting on the news…
Daze: With a cat like creature being the cause of it, recommending families to stay indoors, and report to the authorities if they ever encounter it. The fact that it hasn’t happened already means he’s either still running around, he was snagged by someone, or it’s about to happen in like the next 5 seconds…
Shadow: …
Panda: … Nothing happened....
Daze: Then we’re good.
Panda: I’m still worried about him…
Shadow: Listen, he’s not exactly helpless or crazy (erm…) ANYWAYS, I can guarantee you, he’s ok. There’s absolutely nothing to worry abo-

*Suddenly there is a blinding flash of light followed by an explosive cracking sound

Shadow: … Ok, now we worry. Things just got worse…
Panda: Worse how?
Shadow: Sonic ‘06 times 20 worse…
Daze: D-did you just-?
Panda: I don’t get it.
Shadow: Daze, we need to jump, NOW!
Daze: On it.

*Dazes body surges with electricity, but rather than a bolt of lightning emitting from him, all of the electricity focuses toward his arms as he rips a hole in timespace.

Panda: No, he didn’t…
Shadow: I wish he didn’t. Cmon, we have to find his trail and follow it, FAST.

*They all run through the rift
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